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I need some tips

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Okay.Here is how it is.I know this girl who is unbelievably beautiful.Im a sophomore in highschool and she is a freshmen in highschool.We go to the same school.But i love everything about this girl.I asked her to homecoming (which took huge balls in my opinion).She accepted.But i think we are going as "friends."Well, a lot of people that REALLY know her say that she says she thinks im hilarious and likes me and stuff like that.But i also hear some people saying that she only went with me on a pity date.I can barely talk to her because i get intimidated by her.But when i do talk to her, she laughs at everything funny i say and smiles all the time when she sees me.Occasionally i see her staring at me.She tries to get me to talk to her quite a bit.She still tells her friends though that we are going to homecoming as friends.But based on the signs above, please tell me if she likes me and if i stand a chance.Just going out with her for 1 minute would make me so happy.

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