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My ex needs to give up...

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My ex will not give up and she is tryin so hard to get me back..Its almost pathetic....i flat out told her that i do not want anything to do with her...shes been trying to make me look like im the one who messed up telling my new interest lies like she has been doing since the beginning go...still i dont know what to do..she just wont give up....My new interest does not believe her either...its almost like she is a cumpulsive liar and needs physcological help...im just so fed up with her everymove..pls give me some advice to get her off my case..not to mention my new interest...thxs

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okay first let me ask you are not leading this person on in anyway are u? cuz you cant except phone calls or listen to this person in anyway. because for someone trying to hold on to a relationship they will look for any avenue as a way of getting in. so i mean cut all ties. also your new boo must do the same. they can not listen to any stories the ex comes up with completely ignore her. then if that fails start pulling out the big guns. get a restraining order to block visits or unwanted calls. and then everytime contact is made call the police and they will arrest the ex. trust me it will stop after a jail visit.

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hey, i think i can help u


i have a friend who just went through the same thing. he would constanly call and email his ex and crying to her that about how he wants her back. i am friends with both of them and when he would call her, she would call me crying and pissed off because he would not leave her alone. i ask my buddy why he did this. he said that he wants to win to back, and he wanted to know why they broke up. she never gave him a good logical reason why they broke up and that was driving him nuts. he would just not give up until she finally told him why.


i think they were both a fault for all of the madness that happened between them. i am not sure if you gave ur ex a GOOD logical reason why you broke up, cause u never said if you did or not.


my advice to u would be to sit her down, tell her exactly why, cause she does have a right to know. then just cut all ties with her. just dont accept any phone calls or emails or anything.


hope this helps

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ok, wow, i don't think getting a restraining order is an appropriate sloution to this. the girl does not deserve to be thrown in jail just because she is trying to work on a relationship.

if you are accepting her calls you are giving her hope. if you are talking to her, you are not letting herk now that you don't wanna tlak to her, you are giving her as what she sees as hints, or mixed messages.

you have to ask yourself whether your relationshp is really over or not, whetehr you two can ever work things out...if she's trying so hard to win you back, and you still care for her, then maybe you should give her a chance.

on the other hand, if you don't think you two can ever work things out, then you should do what mb-guy said, sit her down and tell her exactly why you broke up with her, and why things can't be fixed.

whatever you do, be nice...sometimes when you care for someone so much, you don't see what you're doing as being 'wrong' or annoying, that's what is happening to your ex...she wants you back, and she won't stop until she gets you back, or until she is CONVINCED that you two can never be.

i hope this helps.pm me if you need any more advice.

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This is an interesting post because usually we hear about what your ex is thinking in her mind and how it's killing her not to have you anymore. You might try reflecting on that for a minute and then proceeding with your attempt to resolve this problem.


While her reaction to the breakup and her feelings are no longer your responsibility, I think she is definitely owed an explanation of why you broke up, if you broke up with her. If you have not already explained it to her, and I mean explained, in detail with examples, not just told her a one-liner and bailed, then you need to do that. If you have already done so, then you might just need to give her some time to get over you.... The part where she is telling your new interest lies about you is a little overboard on her part. Then again, people do strange things when they're in love. Try to give her a break unless she really goes over the deep end, and above all, don't answer any of her calls after the explanation is made and sooner or later she'll get tired of the rejection and get over you, (hopefully)... Try to understand that she is probably very hurt and the fact that you're with someone else tears her apart inside.... read some of the posts here to get a clearer picture... we've all been there!!!! Imagine the situation in reverse, in a situation with someone you really loved, etc. It may help you to be a little bit more compassionate rather than thinking she's pathetic. The best thing you can do is be firm in your reasoning and do not answer any of her calls or acknowledge her in any way, or I can guarantee she will think that there's a glimmer of hope. You obviously don't want that right now -- it sounds like you're very firm on this breakup. Hope this helps.

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