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Ok Falling for your now married ex!

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Ok here is my messed up situation in life... I can't think of anyone who has so royally been messed up.


Ok, I had a relationship that I thought was going really well with some one 7 years ago. The relationship along with the courtship lasted for around 1 year. But, we really hit it off well and I thought we are extremely compatabile and similiar people.


Unfortunately, I had to leave the country and he was going thru a bad patch and he dumped me.. I am not even clear on why he dumped me. My ego was prob. too hurt that I did not bother finding out at that time I guess..


Anyways 3 years later he got married to someone and 2 years after that I did as well


So now are both married. I met him a month ago and after that meeting, I can't seem to shake off that feeling that he was the right person for me...


It is driving me crazy. My marriage is not really doing well either... It's ok, but we are not madly in love or anything


We are also fundamentally different types of people I think and am I fast drifting from my husband...


I don't know what to do...

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Ok this can not be a good situation, you say your feelings have come back but what about your ex, he is prob happy in his marriage, so why drown your self into something that may not be there.


Ya feelings maybe there but that will always be, something which can not be taken away. Don't even try to find out how he feels cos you my not want to hear it, in fact it could make matters even worse.


Let him get on with life, and you with yours if you like it or not your married, and it is up to you to make it work with your husband. If you try then he will try too.


Good luck.

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