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I'm new to this whole dating thing, and theres this guy that I really -really- like. the only problem is, he's 17, a dropout, and drinks, does drugs, smokes, and has sex with a chick friend of his. He's really nice to me though, and he's really smart. I've met him a couple of times, but my parent's didn't know. I want to have him over, so we can work on a webpage, but my mom keeps saying no to that. When we went out with my best friend to a movie, at the end when we were walking around the mall, I linked my arm with his, and I was walking really close to him. He didn't see to have a problem with that, and my friend says that she thinks he likes me. He also keeps giving me new information about himself, then asking if that would affect my mom letting him come over.


He's a really nice guy, and he's the only guy that I've ever said was hot (I'm 14) and I would really like to go out with him, just I don't know how to ask. Could someone please give me some kind of suggestion what I should do, or what I could say (or do) to find out if he likes me back? And I don't even know how to flirt, or how to tell if someones flirting, so please don't just suggest that I flirt with him..


Someone please help, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Ok hopefully I won't sound too harsh when I say this but my total truth would be. Forget it, sounds to me the guy is only after one thing. And he is aware of your feelings. Trust me, and he knows you will give in, do you really think a guy like this would want to come to your house only to work on a web page. NO… your mum Is rite to say no.. cos she knows the kind of guys some 17 years olds are. (I mean some) and why would you want to get involved with a guy like this he sounds only like trouble. And im sorry Hun but your asking to be hurt, and you will be if anything is to go further.


So look the other way your only 14 and hey keep look, your missing out if you think a guy like that is hot.. There are so many more out there and will treat you right. So give them a chance.


Please take my advice.

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