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Why am i Shy around curtain girls


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I am a junior and there are a couple girls i know and i talk to but the talks useally go like how was the test? or whats up? i can not seem to find the words around them. one of the girls i really like i know she does not have a boy friend but she has really high standards. I wish i could go out with her because she is nice funny and beatiful. i need to know how can i get her to start falling for me or getting her to open up more for we can have better converstion.

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you can't force someone to love you back or force them to fall in love with you, no matter how hard you try..love..it just has to happen and "fall into place" just keep on talking to her and if you get the chance, ask her out, the worst thing that she could say is no and if she says that, well, there are many fish in the sea. Good luck to you.



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a girl that good unattached? is there something wrong with the boys in your school, or are her standards that high?


if her standards are that high (like she doesn't want to mix studies with romance) then let's face it, it won't be you. the most you can be is her friend.


still, no harm trying. maybe if you were smart, rich and handsome and ignore all the other girls and only chat with her, you might just win her.

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