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Help! age gap

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Ok this guy knocked in my ICQ today, he's form my city

and we talked

then he asked if i wanna hang out sometimes, i said sure

so he invited me to movies on thursday.


when we just started talking, i looked as his info and it says he was 18

then he told me that he's 23, and his bro is 18


now..should i meet him?

or is the age gap too big?


im a bit scared,

i mean what if he's ..ya know

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in love, age doesn't matter & shouldn't. if you have feelings for him, then no one can tell you that you can't just because of the age gap. that age gap isn't that big of a deal, especially since you are both adults. it would be a bigger deal if you were 13 & he was 18. if you really think its a big deal, then go with how you are feeling, but its the feelings that matter & not the age.

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well, i mean if you ever did fall in love & im not just talking about you, im saying it about love in general. & you are wondering if the age gap should matter & i think that you should go with how you are feeling rather than what every one else thinks because no one can make you not feel a certain way.

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I don't think that the age gap there is bad at all. 18-23 that is only 5 years. when your yonger, like 13-16 the age gap can be a matter, becuz we are all growing, but once your about 18 age is not the matter, maturiy is the Problem, if you think you mature enof, then go for it.

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