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I'm confused. . .!

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Hey everyone! I need a tid bit of advice. . .


I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now and we've had our ups and of course our downs, as any relationship. Well some of those downs are really put to the test where sometimes we question our relationship. We have yet to break up. But there are some things that are coming up in our near future that may really test our relationship. So I am reaching out for early-on-advice.


When I think about a "break-up" it kills me inside. I can not see myself without him. I cringe at the thought of it. It's to the point where if he does something wrong on his part Im the one coming to him begging for him. It's scary and it's really rough.


I can't think of the thought of him being with another girl. I can't imagine us being broken up and me seeing him with another girl, knowing that it used to be me. That he will be doing the things he once did with me. It really scares me.


I don't think we're going to be breaking up. But it is a possiblity. We are be going to facing something again that was really bad for us in the past. Our old town, where his best bud is. We moved away from there for school about a month ago. When we were in our home town, I was second to his friend and his weightlifting. I hated it. But here it has been heaven. thereforeeee, I am scared for what the future may cause rather then happy. Though, he reassures me time after time that it wont be the same. But I don't really believe him because he is really really obsessed with his bud. That is one reason he wants to go back is so he can "chill" with him again. I don't believe in coming second amonst a friend. I was, and I hated it. I told him about it and he said he felt bad and that it wont be the same. IM DYING. . . I believe I need to come first and be put on a pedal-stool. I don't mind him lifting and hanging with his buds because we both need our own space, but we need "couple time" as well.


So if you could please answer me on both these topics it would be greatly appreaciated!!!!!


Thanks so much.

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i would say that you should wait to see what happens. he understands your feelings, so chances are that he will try his best not to put you second. if you do feel like he changes back into who he was before, then you need to talk to him & tell him how you are feeling.

i know exactly how you feel about the whole breaking up thing because i feel exactly the same with me & my bf. but you need to know that every thing happens for a reason. if you do end up breaking up, then you just need to know that it happened for a reason & that reason is because there is someone more perfect out there for you. but you don't need to worry about that just now, so just take things as they come.

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I know the feeling...You've put in so much of your time and shared so much of your feelings with this person. And you can't bear to think of him with someone else. I still have those feeling sometimes about my ex.


But the truth is you are not less of a person if you are not with him. You don't need him to validate your worth. You've already told him how you feel, and if he's still acting the same way when you guys go back to your hometown, then jus remind him what you told him before. If that doesn't work then it's probably best to take some time off from each other. You gotta realize that you are special and if he doesn't realize that then he's the one at loss.

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