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I am a 26 year old woman attracted to a 17 year old woman

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At 17 she really doesn't classify as a "women", she's still a girl - even if she is mature for her age. Personally I think the age when females transition from girls to women is about 21 - there's alot of growing up to do before that age. Being friends with a girl that young is fine, just keep it at friends - any sort of relationship will do her alot more harm than good.

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thanks for ur input........

out of curiosity how do you people feel about homosexuality....

how do u feel about this post?

if u are str8 is it possible str8 ppl are more close - minded than gay people? Because I have asked this question at other sites and most gay people seem to be more receptive.......

I have issues with the way some gay ppl choose to live their lives........ this whole situation has me questioning societies beliefs as well as lifestyle choices. NOT THAT I am against being gay but it has confused me a little - that wot would be acceptable in gay society is not in str8 society etc........ maybe gay people are better off or not I dunno Ill go have a Long think about it...

as 4 the girl I think it will probably stay as friendship unless she decides it should change...........

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Hi, I am 24 years old and dating a 32 year old. To me age shouldn't matter as long as it is resonable. People should always follow their heart and not let little things stand in the way. I can say my girlfriend and I have been together for a year now and we are very happy. I know that some people think that are age is a probably but, we are happy and that is all that matters. always put your self first and go from there.



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