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Hey, okay me and my b/f broke up after like 6 months together. He broke up with me b/c he "wasn't as into the relationship as he used to be". I was depressed about it, and even now I still think about him. Well, it has been about 6 months since we broke up. I am into music and stuff and I started playing at a place in town. I put up a couple of fliers and I invited a few people to it. Well the second night I played I had just set up everything and one of my friends was there. I was on the phone at the time but I look out the window to my surprise and there is my ex and his best friend walking up to the door. I about died. They came in and sat down and then my ex came up and talked to me. He was all "Me and Bob saw one of your fliers.." And I was just like oh ok.. Then we just both stood there and he made this face like hmm..ok I feel stupid and then he went and sat down. I did some songs and I took a break and my dad was there with some people from work. I did a little small talk with them and asked how things were blah blah...I could feel my ex staring at me the whole time, and it really bothered me. Plus, later my dad was talking to him...I was like "dad...what they hell are u doing?" I felt like I was under a microscope the whole time. I think the reason he even came at all was to see if I sucked or not. Well anyways I go and play the rest of my songs...well things start winding down and I start gathering my stuff up. Him and his friend walk over and my ex starts talking to me again. He asked me about the songs I did and stuff like that...and we just had some small talk u know, since things were awkward...Surprisingly he offered to help carry some of my stuff out to my car. So we all go to my car load up the stuff and they say they will probably come next week and I told him the dates and all that..Well, I didn't play the week I said I was going to...He e-mailed me and was all "I went to see you play and you weren't there...what happened? i'd like to hear you play again." and i was just like umm ok, that's weird. So I e-mailed him back and told him the reasons behind me not being there and apologized b/c i should've told him about the change, but honestly I didn't want to go out of my way to talk to him..It's also odd that he would come a 2nd time by himself without his friend...they are basically attached together...Well anyways. I got another email and he said he would probably come to see me play next week. He even called me by my old nickname he used to call me...which by the way I hate it when he calls me that, lol.. So I was just wondering if there could be an alterior motive to his actions? Why would he come to see me again? In fact why would he come at all? I guess it could just be him trying to be a nice guy, but I don't know. Any input would be nice. Thanks! Later.

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Hey coldplaygurl,

I think he is regretting what he did but is in fear of rejection because of the way your acting with him (like if you don't care about what he thinks). That even makes him want you more. When you show them that your not intrested they want you even more. Give it time. You might get over him and not want him back or you guys might work something out but now it will be your choice if you want to take him back or not. Good Luck!

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Hey, it's just me again. Well, I played and sang at a different place and my ex was there again, but he wasn't quite the little chatterbox he was previously. It was weird. I got at the place kind of early and I saw some people that go to high school that I kind of knew so I went over and talked to them since none of my other friends were there yet. Well, my ex came in and I was like oh great and he came over and stood by me and some of the high schoolers started talking to him and they were all " I thought you weren't coming here anymore? blah blah.." I was just standing there and I felt dumb because he was standing right by me and I look over at him and he is like, "Howdy." lol.. That is all he said to me the whole night. He just confuses me. I mean I don't know what he wants from me. Does he just want to be friends? I have trouble being around him when I don't know what his feelings are. I don't know how to act around him. This is confusing me because I still have some feelings for him and he comes to see me and it gets me thinking that maybe he still likes me... I try telling myself that he doesn't and I try to forget about him..but I don't know..I am just confused. If it is friendship he wants, that's fine I guess. Although it will be awkward for me. One of my friends seems to think that he wants me back. She says when I am playing he gets this look on his face like he is falling in love or something, lol...but I don't know...So yeah if any of you out there have any ideas please let me know. Thank you so much. Good-bye.

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