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Signals are confusing me. Help!

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Hi Guys,


Ok, i'll give you the background and maybe you can help me understand what to make of it.


Met a girl only a few weeks ago in the pub, got on well and she gave me her number. I called her the next day (Saturday) and asked if she wanted to go out Sunday, she said yes, we went out and had a good time.


In the middle of the following week I texted her to see how she was and if she would like to go out again. She said she would be down the pub again with some friends (who I know too, thats how we got talking) on Friday but didnt say anything about seeing me specifically.


Anyway met her down there on Friday, sat together all night, got on well again, walked her home and held hands all the way.


Next day, I texted her to see what she was doing, I told her I was in the pub, she said she was going to. Sure enough she appeared, again we sat together all night, walked her home holding hands again, she gave me a little kiss before she went in too. I told her I'd call her the next day for a chat.


Called her the next day, she seemed good and I think she wanted to do something in the day, but I had other plans (though I really wanted to break them to see her), I told her if she was free later to text me and we could meet up. Sadly she had to babysit (she's an aupair) so couldnt see me.


I texted her to see if I could see her in the week and she said she has to work till 9pm and she'd be up the pub with her friends again on Friday (this Friday coming) and I could see her then If I wanted.


Well, I dont understand, we got on really well but she dont want to see me in the week, only when she happens to be going out with her friends anyway.


So what do I make of it, i really want to contact her before friday but I know i shouldnt in case I start the whole looking desperate and pushing her away thing. I will go to the pub on Friday and I know that if I let it happen we will sit together all night and all the rest of like before.


But I really REALLY like her now and want to see her more, whats going on? Does she like me, is she just playing? Does she have a boyfriend back in her own country?


Should I be honest and tell her how I feel or just not go to the pub, or not hang around her at the pub and see if she comes to me?



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sounds like maybe she's real busy during the week (working until 9pm), and is tired and wants to sleep after she gets off work. i wouldn't look too much into that. also, maybe don't contact her for 2-3 days just to keep her interested and wondering about what you're up to. let her call you to see if you wanna hang out next time, cause it seems like you've been doing a lot of the calling/texting. i'd say just go see her this friday, have another good night with her and then let her make the next move.

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Hi I agree with caliboy, you have been doing all the calling and taxing. That not fair, I do think you should tell her how you feel and see what she says. And ya maybe it's hard for her to get out as she so busy during the week. Chat to her and tell her you would love to see her at some point, but you will leave the day and time up to her. See how long it takes for her to get back to you. And it takes long then I would say move on my friend, if it takes her only day or two then your inn. This is also a way to find out if she feels the same.

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