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Ok i think i posted this in the right place!

This might seem a bit silly but i was thinking about buying my boyfriend a ring,its no special occasion or anything but he lost his old one(i think this might have been given to him by his ex but im not sure,i think he just wore it coz he liked it...grrr) we dont buy each other a lot of stuff,and i dont want him to think im trying to buy his love or anything,im really not i though it would be a nice gesture just to show him that i think of him and im happy things have been going good recently.We have had some problems but i think we're cool now,we're definitely communicating better.

Is this a bit too much?or shall i just go for it?we have been together for a while,so i dont think it would be that out of place,but im worried he might feel under pressure to get me something in return.But he has bought me jewellry in the past,i kinda wanna return the gesture,though it was a while ago.I dont seem freaky do i? i just need some reassurance,thanks guys.

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