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About friends who are in love with me...

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I have bunch of female friends, and I know for fact that 3 of them have strong feelings for me. Also that some of them general female friends likely have some interest and/or feelings for me too, but not serious. The thing is that Ive met this one girl in one of my classes, we were friends at first, the only difference between this one girl and all my other female friends is that Im falling in love with this one girl. Im sure that she has feelings for me as well because we have been getting closer after each day goes by. So Im pretty sure that later me and this one girl are going to have a relationship, and Im really looking forward to that, ive been a very happy person recently just because of that.


but here is the problem; I hate to see people get emotionally hurt, many times I can tell when someone is hurt when they are hiding it. So it hurts me, especially if it was my fault. So if I were to tell about and/or introduce my girlfriend to my friends later, I believe that some of my female friends that have feelings for me are going to get hurt. and I dont want that to happen. They will be sad, then things change, it will feel depressing. Like what if you were falling in love with one of your friends, then later you find out they got a girlfriend/boyfriend. I just wish I could do something to keep them happy, because I really care about them. - ty4 reading

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Ok, your saying a lot of your gals mate like you, so why have they not approached you yet, hey you gave them a chance and they did not take it, how long you gonna keep doing things for others


I mean, what if it get to the point the gal you like gets fed up of waiting for you to approach her, and you don't im sure someone else will slid in. then that means your gonna be hurt,


I say start thinking about your self and just tell the gal.

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You have good point, my best friends told me things similer to what you said, also they say that Im too nice, that I care about others more than myself. But thats just me. Yes I will tell the one girl that I like that I feelings for her. I dont know how, because I dont want to scare her or make her feel that I want to rush into things. Though im confident that Ill tell her by the end of this week, because I just want her to know and understand me a bit better.

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I've sorta been in a similar situation but at another side of it. My sister and I both had a friend that was male. My sis started crushing on him and approached him about her feelings. He admitted that he did not share the feelings but continued talking or seeing her almost everyday (we all hung out together, they weren't alone or anything) I privately approached him about the situation and told him that by his actions (continuing the relationship the same "as friends") was leading her on. She continued to let her feelings grow.


Eventually, him and I admitted our feelings for eachother and began dating. This ruined the close relationship I had with my sister. It has been 3 years and she still barely talks to me.


MY POINT: Don't lead people on if you know or think they have feelings for you and you know you don't return them. It's not nice. You don't have to tell them you don't share thier feelings, but you can control the amount of time you spend time or talk to these girls. It will also DEFINITLY mean a lot to the girl you do like. She'll see you "only have eyes for her"!


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