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how's it suppose to feel?

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ok i've never had an orgasm or even felt any sensation of any sort. I'm really quite curious of what it is like and how i can have my boyfriend casue me to have one...i dont know what to ask exactly so if you guys could tell me anything and everything you know about orgasms it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!!

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Wow, kind of a hard question to ask. I respect your bravery. Anyway, I really dont find any way to describe an orgasm. However, right after, maybe one or two seconds, you will feel a new sensitivity to your genital area. What I mean by sensitivity is like when it is touched you short of have to shiver. But, I promise you, you will know when you have one. Since woman have a harder time reaching an orgasm during sexual intercourse then men do, you should explore other sexual activites to achieve one.

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