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More thank making out: Hickeys!!

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I gave my boyfriend my first ever hickey today.... It looked like a huge deformed birthmark! I'm so scared... Because I got so excited... It felt SO good to do it... But I don't know. It felt even better when he licked, kissed and sucked on my neck but the mark was barely able to be seen and soon faded. We're so attracted to each other but he's only 15 and I'm 14... I don't think it's proper to be doing this... But we love ach other so... And everyting seemed perfect until a few months ago. I gave him his first ever kiss and he was a pro... But lately we've been getting all hornyish around each other... All touchy and whatnot. He's not the one, though... It's me... He barely does any touching. I don't get it... Can you be younger and still feel more? I got pretty wet there and I don't know if he did... I'm just scared of screwing up with him. We can never be alone, so we're not really going to reach intercourse anytime soon. Please help me.

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