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Started seeing the ex again

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About 4 months ago I broke up with someone and we have recently started seeing each other this week. Over the last few months we have kept in touch mostly thru email. The last few weeks he has started to call me and finally Saturday we got together. But we never talked about anything to do with us which is strange. Then we spent time on Wednesday and were supposed to do something last night. This is where it gets confusing. He emailed me at work saying lets go to dinner and a movie. Then he emailed me saying he had to work later and not to wait around for him but that I should call him when I got home. So I did and he was at his friends house. So I thought hmmmmmm....He still asked if I wanted to see the movie however he sounded busy. I started to question if he really was working late and if so why hadn't he called me when he got off sooner. So I just said lets do it another night cause I Was MAD. He said ok I will call you tomorrow and we will go out. But I know he knew I was pissed and I expected an apology or something, even a call back but nothing. Am I over reacting? I want to trust him but I just don't know what his intentions are.

Any advice would be great.

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He sounds "fickle" and undependable. Unless you enjoy the "Mind Games" and waiting on HIM I suggest you get BUSY with your Life doing cool things with your gal pals. IF he wants you, he'll find YOU. Chances are he's the kind of guy who appreciates what he can't have anyways. It also sounds as if you question his honesty. In all honesty... you can do better.


This advice was given in love.

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Thanks I know he sounds fickle however we were able to maintain a friendship since we broke up. Although he even had the nerve to say I didnt sound interested in him when we talked after having seen each other for the first time. I dont know why he said that. I dont know why he started pursuing me again just to start acting like this right from the start. I dont know why one minute he acts into me and the next he acts like it doesnt bother him to postpone our evening together. We havent slept together since we started seeing each other. Thank god for that. I want to get on with my life with or without him but I wish he would just either tell me straight up that he likes me or doesnt. We obviously care enough about each other to have remained friends but where do we go from here. Oh and he still hasnt called me yet today! Please help. I hate this feeling.

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I want to get on with my life with or without him but I wish he would just either tell me straight up that he likes me or doesnt. I hate this feeling.


I understand and "feel" your dilemma, but unfortunately People seldom do what's in OUR best interests but theirs. You want a straight answer from him as to where you fit into this relationship, and unfortunately your questioning that position is actually your answer. I'm sure he likes you, but is HE worth YOUR emotional investment? Look, he's already proven he's got reliability issues and his unreliability has got you in a tizzy. Right now your problem is getting through "these feelings" you so obviously hate! My solution/advice again is GET BUSY! Get away from that Phone and into some "activities" that will distract you for a minute. He NEEDS to get the message that you've got a life too, and IF he wants to be with you...well, he knows your number. Don't worry, if you're not home when he calls, IF he REALLY cares about you... he'll keep trying. If he's the type who gives up that easily... the Relationship never had a chance anyways!

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