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Self Discovery!!

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It has been one year since I have been a member of this club, enotalone!!


It still holds a lot of interest to me, to be able to share my feelings and interests with others.


The fall always seems to be my time of personal growth and awareness. Everything seems new when it is slowly getting cooler and the heat of summer's passion is slowly becoming a memory.


Enotalone has been a big part of my personal growth and gives me a feeling of ownership, like nothing else really has before. It gives me the strength to be me, even when it doesn't seem ok!! I know I can just pop off a few words to the people of this place and almost instantaneously I get some personal honest feedback on something that I have been worried about-- I thank Kamurj and Swingfox and the others who shall remain nameless--you know who you are!! For keeping this track running and for helping me to slow down and smell the roses for a change!!


We all need support in feeling good about ourself, it seems that the world brings us down occasionally, as is its job, and so we come here to get our own feelings validated by other caring individuals.


That really takes knowing yourself and knowing others to a higher place!!


Thank you all!!

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