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Asking out a girl when she is around her friends...


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Okay there is this one girl in my 1st period health class that I really like. I want to ask her out to home coming, but often times when I see her she is with her friends. Would it be okay for me to ask her out while she is with her friends? Would her friends thinks its really cute and sweet of me, would they get jealous, or would they react a different way?

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come up to her group of friends and ask if you could have a private word with her. DO NOT, i repeat DON NOT ask her out in front of her friends!!! They may think its funny and make fun of you! Getting her to get out of the group and talking to her would be the smart choice to make. You shouldnt say it in frnot of her friends because she is the one who has to tell them that you pulled her out in order to ask her out. trust me. I am a freshman in highschool, and that is how my guy asked me out. I usually go in packed crowds, making it hard for him to catch me alone, so he asked if he could have a private word.

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I think asking her out to be your girlfriend is a bit rushing it. Maybe ask her sometime if when she's off work, if she'd like to go get coffee or ice cream, or maybe even see a movie. But make sure you offer to go to another theater since she works there and all, I'm sure she'd like that. And if things go well on your little outing, then maybe you can ask her out the next time you see her.

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Oh yes and I forgot to mention this--I'm 14 and a freshman... Freshies like me are still learning this kind of stuff! Its not like she's someone who is well sought-after either, so like most girls she'd probably be pretty happy if a guy like me asked her out.

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