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The Latest News.... U all May voice out what ya think?

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1st of all i would like to thanx u all for advising me so far, and so far so good.... with my last ex and now "fren"..... I finally have told my fren that i like her in the diff way.... But she says she need time, cos her father just died 4 weeks ago, and she just found out abt her father having another affair with another woman.... she just too depressed to have to add anything new... but she do say that she does have feelings for me too... i told her i'll wait till she's fine and told her that time will heal everything just like what she used to tell me... but she told me to treat this a rejection cos she will feel bad abt asking me to wait, she rather reject me or be my gf now, but i told her i rather wait tills she's fine emotionally cos i sees her as a long term plan and don wan too rush and destroy everything fast... when she told me abt her problems why she don wan any bgr now she cried, how am i suppose to tackle her problem so it would be easier for her to heal? she never had any bf for 3 years already now so i really think she won't go date other guys as she is not the "desperate" type, that's motivate me to wait and let nature took it's course....

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I dont kno if u were askin a question or not. but i think its good that u are goin to wait for her until she is emotionally ready for a relationship with u. Congratualations on finally tellin her that u like her, i think thats very brave of you and obviously is goin to turn out good. She didnt come out and say i dont want a relatiojnship b/c my father died. she said she wants to wait, good sign. so good luck wiht u 2. lata

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