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i'm really confused

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We are reosnably good friends but only in class because she hangs around with people i don't like too much. But in class we always get told off for talking too much to each other. I liked her for ages but never had the guts to ask her out. About three months ago i did ask her out and iwas sure she would say yes. But then she told me she likes me as a friend, but earlier this year she was abused by her ex and she isn't ready for a boyfriend yet. Then she said she hopes we can still talk, and walked off. We had a bit of trouble talking for about two weeks, but now we can talk together again. She keeps on giving me strange looks. At first i thought that she was just flattered that i asked her out, but three months later she keeps on looking at me as if she likes me.

Is it possible for a girl to reject a guy, even if she likes him, because she had a bad experience with another?

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That is a good question and I am going to try to tell you (from a guys pov) I have to say yes but becareful she may like you but not what an relasionship (I know this one from experince) Your best bet is to ask her out and see what happens. I have a quick question for you, how long has it been sense you asked her out last time? Here is one thing to remember is trying to date her worth loseing her? There is a chance that she may end your friendship. If she says no then just be her friend and try to find someone new I hope this helps.

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Sometimes i get the feeling that she wants to make sure that i really do like her so nothing bad happens again. I had one of her best guy-friends ask me if i'm going to ask her again and if i've given up already. I haven't but i'm shy as hell and asking her out for the first time was a terrifying experience and i don't know if i can do it again knowing that if i ask her again and find out she doesn't lke me. Also if she wants to wait before getting a boyfriend i don't want to act as if i ignored the fact that she went through something bad.

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Just go for it I know how hard it is to ask someone. But dont do what I did and miss your chance. It is a good thing that her friend talked to you about asking her out. So go for it, and if it douse not work then try to find someone ealse.

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