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How to finish a project.


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Yeah, I need to learn to finish my projects. What is the best way to do this? Even, if it was a school project, I would start great (10-25%) done...and then if I really NEEDED it to be finished, I would just rush it...making it crappy at the end.

Any one have any advice? It's so frustrating...because I feel so creative but I get so down on myself, knowing if I actually took "more time" , the project would be better.

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It's something you must WORK at....changing your habits, train of thought, etc.....with practice it will work.


How does someone who's never really been able to do this (talking about myself here) pull of such a drastic change in personal behaviour? For most people that have significant troubles with this, I wouldn't expect it to be something that could easily be changed without professional assistance.

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Believe me it can be done...... May sound a bit silly, but start by posting a note to yourself on your mirror (or somewhere) that says something like "I will finish what I start, today!" (or whatever you need to change)..For me, personally, it started with "I will not drink today" which led to " I will have a good day, today" and so forth..Find a support group if you need to, I'm a member of AA... 2.5 yrs later, I'm a different person and I like who I am .... I've some health issues going on, but I'm sober, happy and I have more good days than bad now....If you tell yourself something long enough, eventually, you'll start to believe it and be it....btw: the saying "fake it till you make it" really works....

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When you start a project, make a very detailed plan with timeline & deadlines (personal ones). By very detailed I mean actually schedule project time, lunch time, downtime... everything but toilet breaks basically


Set a date for when you want to finish your background research, then when you want to have your introduction done, when the first chapter etc. etc. Schedule the finalisation of the project a few days before the actual deadline. That way you will have time to let it rest for a couple of days before giving it the final read-through.


If it's an art project, it's still not a bad idea to schedule: a lot of professional artists and novelists work this way also, even if they're not feeling particularly inspired, they'll still sit down with their project for the scheduled time and do whatever they can.


I know it feels like it goes against your nature, but it really is something you can learn... I have, and I'm the most chaotic person ever... I muddled my way through university in the way you describe, but then got a job that involved so many different responsibilities that I had to learn time management. Once I did, I could also apply it to my personal projects.

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In my experience, the actual project I am working on is not really known, and the projects that I adopt or get involved with are my own unconscious attempt to work on the actual project. As time goes by I may well find that the adopted project is not really assisting the actual project and this is indicated by my loss of interest in it.


The lesson I am learning appears to be that the actual project requires frequent review of adopted projects.

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