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Bizarro Thoughts on the Trail Today

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It is the end of season crunch time and everyone is short staffed, meaning I am working double trips daily and just going strong (makes for good fat checks and healthy tips though! Ski bum holiday here I come!)


So, I have been recouping from the flu and working hard, so I have been a bit tired out. Plus the weather is getting chilly and rainy. Today I felt tired but strong, and hadn't eaten enough and myh thoughts went to less than pleasant places today. I am over hercompletely. She is trouble and I want no part of her, and I am glad and happy I dumped her due to her evil twisted S***! That said, due to the lack of food and low blood sugar, I felt this odd twinge, almost fear based, that if she showed up here I would be weak and regress. This is NOT what would happen, as I would pretty much tell her "this town ain't big enough for the both of us" (at least I think I would!) But I felt a monent of regression this afternoon on trail. Isn't that odd?


But, then once we got on the river and started rafting, we had nothing but eagles, seals, and a BEAUTIFUL Brown Bear muunching on salmon about 30 feet from us which was amazing to see! It reminded me the world is an amazing place filled with wonder, danger, awe, and raw beauty. And the capper was a Great Blue Heron near our take out (which is a very powerful symbol and represents the synergy of all things.) This gave me a bunch more strength and then I realized in the scheme of things, she is small potatoes and not worth worrying over.


Be strong everyone!



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man! i wish i could go out on the trails and see all that instead of being stuck in an office sat infront of a computer playing with lighting columns in the uk! woot


i think everyone even along time after bad breakups still have little down moments. so id say it was perfectly natural

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