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Ever feel like you work too hard?


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Just starting college right now, and I have so much reading. I find myself spending all night reading and writing notes from the reading. My roommate on the other hand is a slacker, but what can I do he's still a good friend and I help him. I'm the responsible one. He has his girlfriend read to him, and he doesn't do much.


Am I just jealous because I'm single? Or do I just wish I could be him? I have long-term goals of just wanting to graduate and move on to graduate school. I just want to get out of this university. I feel like I don't belong here or anywhere except with my career.


I feel like with this attitude, I don't even have time for a girlfriend.


I've been feeling down, and the only thing that brightens my day is furthering along my career. Speaking of which, I'm a junior and I need to get my recommendations started.


Oh and I still feel like I want a girlfriend. Been single my whole life, maybe its just my work hard attitude. I don't know.


EDIT: One more thing, I would love to be involved with a student organization, but I just can't find the right one for me. And how can I find the time for that, when I'm trying to look for a side job to help pay the bills, and at the sametime volunteering in my academic department's lab 12 hours a week. I love the lab, and I want to hang out with the grad students. I want to be a grad student already.


I just feel too busy for anything.

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I love the lab, and I want to hang out with the grad students. I want to be a grad student already.


Please, don't grow up too fast!! Honestly, there is nothing inherently special about graduate school - it's school for people who are older, and sometimes a little more focused. I understand that it's one of your goals (and that's great), but college provides some of the best experiences in life. Don't let them all pass you by.


Don't just be in the zone with studies - you're on one extreme while your dear friend is on the other. Can you try to somehow squeeze in social interests, whatever they may be to you?


I was uber-focused when in undergrad and hammered out A's, but I still made it a point to go to bars/parties, drink all night at times on the weekends, hook up with girls, have a girlfriend, and work part time. Yes, it was a lot of work, but I looked at school two ways:


1 - To get educated; liberate my mind; with a practical goal of securing a job and pursuing graduate studies, and

2 - To experience college and life, which to me was drinking at bars and parties, girls, road trips, stupid pranks, going bowling, hanging at the beach, tutoring friends (as well as high school students), etc.


Work hard and play hard. You only live life once, and when I'm older, rich and educated then it's all for naught when I missed life, in my opinion.

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Freshmen year was great. I did party a lot. I messed up somewhere. I lost a few a friends and the circle of friends that came with them. Man I'm feeling sad about that. In the past college years, there was a better time. My group of friends has grown smaller. They don't go to bars. Its just my roommate and his girlfriend. I don't know where else to look, and I'm tired of being single. Its been 2 years now. Why am I still single?


That is why I don't really feel apart of anything, except for what I have left, which is my career.

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Yes, dont grow up too fast. College provides a great education, but dont let the college life slip away too fast. You will have experiences and create memories you wont be able to once youre out of school. While it is important to have good grades to get into grad school, take time to just have fun. Friends, parties, road trips, the stupid things you do when you're bored...they're all part of life.

You dont want to look back one day and realize that the good days are over, and you never got to experience it.

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I'd say that you've got the talent to do well, but socialising IS part of the college life.

Doesn't have to be partying, but something other...open mike night, group getaways...you'll find someone, don't worry, but don't forget that unwinding is good for the soul!

Good luck to you!

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