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Have you ever "felt" someone staring at you?

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I find this to be such an interesting phenomenon, really. Doesn't it seem odd that you can literally 'feel' someone looking at you?


How many people have experienced this? And what do you think causes it?


Personally, I've had it happen to me twice--with the same person. When I was in high school, I had a HUGE crush on a certain guy (one of those looong-term crushes, lol). Anyway. We never really talked or anything, and I was sure he liked my friend.


One day, I was sitting in class, directly accross from the door--I was the only person on the side of the class, or facing the door--and I was really engrossed in a reading assignment my teacher gave us. For some reason, I just had this--sensation? urge? compulsion?--to look up at the door. And there was my crush in the hallway, smiling at me. I was so disoriented that I barely managed to smile back, lol.


Another time, later in the school year, I was walking with my friend through what we called the West Foyer. It was basically a section right next to our cafeteria, where there were benches and stuff. Anyway, I walked through the doors leading from the cafeteria to the Foyer, passed a group of people standing near and sitting on the benches without looking at any of them. Then, that same sensation came over me again--I was maybe a dozen steps past those benches when something made me look to my right. There, on the benches, was my crush. There were people on either side of him, so he was barely visible, but he had these gorgeous eyes that just caught your attention--and they definitely caught mine because when I'd turned, he was already staring right at me.


Both of these situations were so weird to me. I'm sort of getting chills thinking about it right now because I've never felt anything like that--before or since. I was talking to one of my current friends, and she started joking about how it's probably a sign that he and I were lovers in a past life, lol. (Reminds me of that past life/Civil War episode of The X-Files, which I'm sure no one but me remembers).


Anyway, has anyone else experienced something like this? I'm just wondering because I'd be interested in hearing the circumstances, etc.

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Yes, and what automatically happens is I start to smile and giggle. I hate it because I start getting all Alley McBeal in my head and it even cracks me up more. I could be in a serious situation and this type reaction happens.


The physical sense of someone staring is the strangest. Perhaps its an old trait that has never gone away. (Meaning if you believe in Darwinism) You know the Fight or Flight thing.

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to be honest, i think that we pick up things from the corner of our eyes that we don't even realize. you can try this as an experiment:


take your hand, fingers pointing up, and hold it in front of your eyes. then, turn your head slooowlllly to the left, keeping your eyes straight ahead and not focused on your hand. stop at the exact moment when you feel like you can no longer see your hand from the corner of your eye, and not a second after. then wiggle your fingers.


if done correctly you should be able to see your fingers when you move them. the eyes pick up movement better than stillness. which is why i believe when someone glances up at you, even if you didn't see them before, you could "sense" them suddenly looking.

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