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New at dating, gets better then cold and distant


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Been seeing a guy for the past month. Got intimate over last weekend. He did call early this week but the majority of the time we have been texting each other.


I took the initiative and asked him if he wanted to hang out this weekend. He replied back "will have 2c what the kids are doing first". His reply seemed so cold but yet when we talk on the phone he seems different.


I feel I have to be the initiator when he drops the hints that he's just watching tv - whoopie and when i suggest going out, he is overjoyed. He is so difficult to read sometimes and I don't want to come accross needy/clingly. He picks up the tab each time we go out and we always have a blast. But there have been moments today that I have wanted to just end it.


Not sure if I am really dating this guy or just seeing him casually .. so darn confusing.


Is this common for people who are new to the dating scene?

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It sounds like you two are dating because you are the one who's being proactive about it.


Try to lay back and see if he will take some more of the initiative. That way you can get a better idea of where his interest level lies.


Either that, or you can just come out and ask him where things are standing at the moment.

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