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It's time to get away from the man I've been seeing. I don't know if it will be permanent but I do know that our relationship is not what it should be and I'm all talked out with trying to work it out. He simply is not responsive when I try.


My problem is that we both work in the same industry and our companies do alot of business together. Also, he has been my sounding board and friend for so long, that it's real difficult not to want to call him when something happens or even to share something funny. What do I do?

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I could write a novel about the problems that we have. Most of our problems are symptoms from our high stress lives and business relationship. Because of different circumstance, we can't spend time together with our families as a couple. I have felt like I've been on the fringe of his life and he feels the same way, with both of us blaming the other for the situation. He tells me I get * * * * *y and I tell him he's cold. So round and round! At the moment, there is no working anything out. I just want to get away from it maybe for awhile maybe forever but definetly for roght now. And I'm having a problem getting away from it.

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Eve, I feel just the same on the guy that I'm seeing. Things seem to be going well and we have a good time then things begin to go cold and I feel as though I'm doing most of the intiating. Part of the problem is that he is reserved. My friend told me (the one that introduced us) that it took him a while for him to feel comfortable around them too.


I'm new to dating but relationships can be so confusing and somedays you just want to end it.

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