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After many years of watching my wife's fights with depression...she asked me yesterday if she thought there was a chance she was bi-polar.


She had foundout a few weeks ago that her brother had been hiding his bi-polar issues from the family, amoung other things that he had been hiding. He has been on a script for almost a year now and said he has never been happier in his entire life. They sat down and talked about her father's possible issues too, and now after watching her own pattern for the last two weeks...she thinks she might suffer from it as well.


She had this conversation with me on a serious up swing...and was serious about going to get help. I swear not two hours later the day turned to crap, she found out that her Uncle had passed away and within 15 minutes after that we found out the price of the new home we were looking at was actually $100,000 more then the listed price. She went from 0-60-0 in about 3-4 hours and now is fully in a state of depression and saying that her discussion yesterday was BS and then withdrew to the point of it being scary.


Not sure if Im asking for advice or venting...bot sure at all

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