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Clarification if possible

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It's all new feelings my dear and right now you are just still feeling a mess of things from the breakup and from her mixed signals as of late. Does she expect a reply or will she persist if you say nothing to her? You know for certain now that you will be miserable and do not want to go so telling her is the problem. Is there any way you can leave her a message or tell her without directly contacting her? It would avoid unnecessary hold-ups like her dragging on a conversation or being upset with you for not going.

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I feel your pain, I had similar answers from my ex 5 months ago, he said we should stay friends as the feelings aren't the same for him anymore. Actually he had been reconnecting to his ex of 5 yrs ago by then, and few months before the breakup, our life was pretty boring as I was busy in pursuing my new career and we barely did nothing together...


I don't know if there is a third party involved in your case, but it is possible that she had seen something "missing" in this relationship and she didn't believe she could find it from you anymore...


I would suggest you start NC, that's what I am implementing now, you need to analyze the situation without saying/ acting emotionally to her. Don't jump to the friendship business now, the complex feelings from your side may hurt you both even more.


Don't blame yourself either,it's never your fault if the relationship doesn't go well. She could have communicated with you more if there was anything wrong but she didn't...or perhaps she didn't share the same opinions / values with you and was not willing to compromise...

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