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What are your thoughts of the day?

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I can't stop thinking about my ex today! I have to admit it that I cheated myself actually... I deleted my ex's cell number, but I still have the old text messages from her, and looked at them this morning so now I can't stop thinking about her!! This sucks! I know somebody is probably going to tell me to erase the texts form her, but I just can't do it! what should I do!


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I feel great right now. NC has helped me tremendously, and is making my ex hurt. I don't wish that she hurts, but it hurts for her to see me doing great without her and without talking to her. She had opportunities to fix things after she broke up with me, but didn't take any of them and if she regrets that now, OH WELL! I'm confident, outgoing, and happy right now, and if i can be happy without her or any other girl in my life then I'm winning the inner battle.

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2+2=4 and not 2; great accomplishments i'm making!

Bacon and golf rule (yes i'm in shape and not overweight!)

I think i could be a pro golfer in my next life

beating your competitive colleagues rocks


I think that's the extent of my "thoughts for the day".

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Thoughts of the day!!!


How nice my tan looks


How hot is it gonna be tomorrow


How much fun was it at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure today, went for a second time


Can't believe how quickly my holiday is going


Wish I just didn't fill out as much as I have and all the work will have to do when get back to loose it!! Lol


Oh well, two weeks of eating loads of whatever now when I get back two weeks at least of eating lettuce n such like

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thoughts today.....


i cant wait to graduate and get away from here forever


i wish i had real friends i could rely on and who cared


how am i going to get through this year? my life revolves around doing uni work and being depressed over my ex. im not going to get through this.


how could he do this and act like nothing has happened. did the last 2 years mean nothing?


i hate this. i cant cope anymore.

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I miss her. I love her. There's a void in here. I'm lost. Who am i? Will i ever recognise myself again? Why am i so sad?


My mother is fading fast. I'm scared. I'm lonely. She's in so much pain. I tears me apart. I'm so tired and weary. I'm overwhelmed.


Does she not care anymore? Is she who i thought she was? I thought she was my friend.


We were beautiful.

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i cant wait to graduate and get away from here forever



so i have now just decided..........after i come back from Camp America next summer.......i will stay here for a couple of months and graduate and then go and take a gap year working in spain to get myself fluent since ive always wanted to do it. then after that i can come back and worry about a career!

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Wondering what my work sales figures are when I log on tomorrow morning


I have spent the whole day alone indoors and I feel great, not lonely, not sad - hopefully one is finally once again great with their own company again.


Wondering also how I could help and heal others on here, as so many have helped me and I am so grateful to them all.




oh and drinking a cup of tea from my new Disney mug....lol...I love Disney

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My thought's today....


The wedding I went to this weekend was by far the most beautiful Iv'e ever seen. It was so good to see two people so inlove. I enjoyed being with my family and friends.... and I looked pretty darn good.


Im missing a friend and sad because I know soon he will be in Sadr City. It scares me.

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I don't know, just worried about the future and what's in store. Missing my ex alot, he was my best friend too and we always spent weekends together, so sundays are really hard for me. Keep wondering if he's thinking about me at all too.

Trying to figure out my life, feels like such a mess right now.

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