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What are your thoughts of the day?

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right now my thoughts are


1]Damn I need to buy dividers before class starts

2]i dont think im ready for that stupid test

3] where the hell is allysa???

4] I should be working on my hw

5] should i go to the finical office and see what up with that refund check or wait till tomorrow

6] am i going to run into him?

7] am i truly better off without him?

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Hopefully I'll still feel young when I'm your age...


OOOF! A shot to da nutz on that one!


I am not that old! Good gawd! And as a point of fact...I am FREQUENTLY mistaken for someone ten years younger than I am! Seriously, I really don't look anywhere near my age (nor do I act like it...but that's another story...)



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The gauntlet has been thrown! Of course, being old and brittle, when I throw a gauntlet nowadays I do tent to throw out the back simultaneously...but I think I can manage!


And OF COURSE you probably beat your brother and the Marine Corp Marathon...you didn't have to wear that lil' outfit that they did! You try running in the dress blues!


So, each year we have an event that brings in amazing runners from all oover the west coast. It goes from here (my town) to Whitehorse up in the Yukon. It is 110 miles and it is done as a relay. Typically doen with ten person teams and satges anywhere from 7 miles (all uphill for that one) to 16 miles. It is a riot! I do it each year.


And I used to run ultras. The longest I have run in one shot has been 50 miles. Now granted, that was about 6 years ago! But I still manage to keep in shape and young...if it weren't for the darn rhuematiz...acts up ever' time thars' a storm a brewin'...



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Nah, haven't beat him yet...only ran one in my life in New Orleans...but he bet that he could beat me next year @ the Marine Corps and he's just a fool for thinking that.


You are my hero...at your age, I'll be lucky to be able to walk to the mailbox.


You sound like that Ultra Marathon guy...Dean K (something)... hmm... maybe I'll find another wimpy east coast guy to beat (like my brother -- or better yet, my ex!) before I venture out your way But it's still on ... don't worry.

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Dean Karnazes, and he and I are the same dang age!


And ANOTHER shot to da groin with the mailbox thing! You are on a ROLL tonight!


If I weren't so old and feeble minded, I might be able to ccome up with a quick and witty retort...but alas...my brain now has not the capacity for such bantor!


Game on my friend! ;-)


And, what the hell are you doing up at this hour? Oh that's right...you young 'uns and your bee-bop music, probably dancing the mashed potato and staying up till all hours....*sigh*...if I can make it past 10:30 without a nice glass of warm ovaltine I consider that a big night...



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Thoughts for today...


I am crawling the walls waiting to hear on job offer...


I am getting impatient waiting for the dough to rise (I am baking bread)


The chili makes the house smell GREAT (yes, just made chili)


Did I mention I am crawling the walls impatiently?


I wish I was more motivated to go and run in the pouring, cold rain today, but...I am not.


I am impatiently waiting for winter snows!


Kind of a recurring theme of impatience today...gawd, it is WAY to early on for cabin fever to set in...



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I feel better now that I've talked with Cara. I'm going to talk with my professor hopefully tomorrow just because he's helped so many people before. I'm upset about the Facebook thing, but I know that no matter what he has hurt me and there is no going back to that. My life is my life and in order to be happy I have to stay true to myself, even though I still love him very much. That's just something that I'm both proud and hurt about, but I'm taking everyday with what it has to give me.


Oh and I'm in love with Jake from Minus the Bear. But he's married, alas.

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My thoughts today...


Debating whether I should move to San Francisco. The city is so beautiful yet expensive. How will I find an apartment? How will I move my car? My belongings? We were supposed to do this together... but now I'm trying to do it alone and it makes me sad...

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I'm very thankful (again) for this site and the fact that I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my attitude and overall emotional/mental/physical health since I've been reading/writing posts.


I'm also thankful that today for the first time since the break up, I was able to listen to a great cd (that the ex burned for me) all the way through .. and didn't shed a tear. For me, that's pretty big.

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