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What are your thoughts of the day?

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bobsieprincess, Why do you call yourself pathetic? You are studying and getting smarter and he is killing his brain cells. Who is going to feel pathetic tomorrow, think about that!


EricA, "Last edited by EricAK : Today at 03:39 PM. Reason: i have a brain the size of a pea"??????

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bobsieprincess, Why do you call yourself pathetic? You are studying and getting smarter and he is killing his brain cells. Who is going to feel pathetic tomorrow, think about that!


EricA, "Last edited by EricAK : Today at 03:39 PM. Reason: i have a brain the size of a pea"??????


I made a dumb-a&& gaff and thought it was due to my limited cranial capacity and also the fact I suffer from cranial/rectal inversion.



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Not deep just thoughts.


Getting to know when each of the area runners sport out for a run. I see guys run in pairs but never girls. -Once or twice a group of girls. That’s odd.


Trashing my place, acknowledging that it’s trashed and continuing about my schedule is a passing thought. (it’s clean now- wheh!)


I can enjoy a beer in the middle of the afternoon if I like. Nice.


I’m contemplating how old I really look. When they card me do they really think I’m younger than 21? When I asked, and he said yes, it sounded sincere. I think I’m going with that answer for now.


Realizing the once unbearable NC is not so bad after a while.


Running into the ex despite how obnoxious they are is not the end of the world. Despite initial clingy feelings that came forth it has helped resonate why we are not together and do not want to be together. Perhaps it brought the break-up feelings to surface but actually sped up the recovery.


Enjoy having complete animated conversations with others that speak less than 5% English and of a different fluency. These communications generally end up in near tears laughter from both parties.


Having in-depth conversations with check clerks at Walgreen’s about the “personal” products that they do not conduct a cost check over intercom. Very good thing to know I suppose. This leads to shared purchasing patterns and opinions to deregulate this procedure in an effort to provide additional humor for the customer’s waiting in line. We all need to laugh, come on.

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thoughts tonight......


im scared cos i dont have a clue what to say in this seminar 2moro cos i havent done enough!

i hate ec law

i like this thread, its a bit like a diary!

cant wait for yoga 2moro nite. im in need of yoga! got a nice new mat and blanket too.

need 2 get my exercise routine sorted again now im at uni cos ive nt bn doin it this week which makes me feel rubbish.

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Okay, new day, new thoughts. Here there are:


I wish I could wake up! Slept a little funky last night and now, with the cold air and lack of sleep I am TIRED!


I think I will be a slack-a&& today and surf the sofa, internet and fridge. Good day to watch a little football, a movie or two and kick back.


I need to clean my house today.


I have to motivate at somepoint to go running. Have to get outside for a little of the day and I must keep myself in shape for the ski season coming up. And running is great fun.


I keep thinking of the second interview I am supposed to have for the job I am hoping to be formally offered this week (please everyone, put out good thoughts and energy my way for this!)


Kind of drifting a little into nostalgia and memories past.


Going to do a little refresher on Avalanche stuff, getting the texts out and just doing the yearly refresh.


Trying to figure out if/when I am going to Haines to get stuff from storage (which requires a seven hour drive, spending the night in a motel, and then an hour ferry ride back home)


Needing to get my truck to Whitehorse for an alignment and steering check (which I could do if I drive over to Haines.)


Realizing we are alomost in the Holiday season.



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My thoughts for the day are sucky! I am hating my life right now! Ugh. I was building a life with someone. Now I am back at square one with nothing besides myself, which you could say is a lot, but i still hurt a huge amount. I feel so freaking sad, lonley, and worthless. I can not get use to this worthless feeling. Its something I never felt! Ugh.....

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1] why am i dreaming of him and why cant i get him out of my head

2] i know were better off w/o eachother he was never a b/f in fact this break up feels just the same when we were together except we dont kiss...

3] I cant believe i broke down last thursday

4] never do i want to date an INTENSE gamer again

5] atleast im doing better today

6] joined my school Student Activities Council to keep me busy and to meet different people and to become more sociable considering im a bit shy at first..

7] dont want to do my homework

8] grr...i need Final Cut Pro to do Wednesday nights hw..

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More thoughts for me today/tonight:


What do you suppose Darth Vader used to keep his helmet so shiny?


Any know if they ever solved the endless debate over "Tastes Great" or "Less Filling"? I admit I have been out of the loop for a while...


I learned the other day that the "Where's the Beef" lady finally found it. Unfortunately it was some of that Topps Recall Beef and she now has 3-5 days left to live.


Who was the first person to watch an egg come out of a chicken's butt and thought "Hey, let's eat that"?


At what point is wearing a kangaroo outfit considered "gauche"?


Just my thoughts for tonight.



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