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What are your thoughts of the day?

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My "best" friend feels like I used to be "necessity" to him and now I'm not. He's pushing away or feels different and it's like my relationship with my ex all over again. You care and you care and then they cannot commit to you and be supportive of you always, even though you are there for them.


I wanted to audition for Modern company, I do. But I know that there is not enough time in the week for me to fit all of the things that I want. Education Club is more important to me as it's my major so I'm making this sacrifice and just sticking with Ballet.


I made up my own silly lyrics to "I Will Survive" today as it was stuck in my head from dinner yesterday. I cannot remember them right now, but I felt satisfied when I was singing them in the elevator on the way to work. Everything sounds better in an elevator.


Really early this morning was one of the best times I've had on these boards. The three of you are so wonderful and I

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I feel good.


I feel strong.


I am having lots of fun at the moment and am enjoying life and being free to do what I want and when I want.


I'm excited about my holiday (less than 4weeks now!!! big smiles).


I need to tone up and lose some weight before I go.


So really should get off of here and get ready to go down the gym for run then a swim.


I am happy.

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Feeling good.

Having fun.


She gave me some crap yesterday like" Why is it all about you and your pain",

not even sure why she texted me that.........


My reply was "You're making an assumption I'm still in pain???"


Well I'm not and I'm not going back..............

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Where did that desolated crying fit yesterday morning come from, and why did it blow over so fast?


Why do I still dream about him and feel so sad in the dreams?


Why are all my dreams and ambitions shattered when they felt so important to me for so many years?


Do I really give a damn about anything anymore, or is it just the anti-depressants making me feel detached?


Am I about to be bullied in work, and if so, am I inviting victimisation?


I really want to do some spinning. I feel lazy.


It's nice not to be panicked about money for once.

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I've been on this board a while. I was miserably reading other peoples posts because I felt so empty and hurt from being thrown away, and then having to see her back with her ex. Now 2 years later she is a loser, and I have met new girls, who I felt more connected with. I actually felt that in love feeling again with a new girl, and so I know there is alway going to be hope for the future.


All of you are just like me on here, but I just want to say things will get better when you start getting back to the things you use to enjoy in life. Man it sucks to not be able to get that person off your mind, but you have to do a lot of spiritual work, and realize you are probably better off with out them.


My thoughts now are...


Learning Spanish


Will I get hired today for a new job


am I going to the movies later


cleaning my room


who am I going to meet today

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Thank you for letting me go.....messing up....and making me realize that it was never me.....you were weak but I'm happy you messed up....you only prepared me for the future....for that guy who is going to be just right for me....who is the one for me....so thanks I guess....otherwise my life would have been so empty and alone.

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Thoughts of today


Vivid and horrible dream about the ex, talking about sex with new women but I am ok and still smiling


I hope I win this deal and get some good deals before the end of the month, I wanna hit target.


Can I get slimmer before my holiday in just over two weeks time, I have been working out for 3months now.


Sun is out - lovely

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Nah b0ll0cks your right my confidence is shot to pieces, my hopes of ever finding and being in a "normal" relationship shattered. I was single for 4yrs before "fcku whit" and probably will be again. Then be too old to start a family etc.


My past has effected my life too much and probably just not capable of being in a great relationship.

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