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What are your thoughts of the day?

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See so many things How are we feeling about the ex? Thoughts about the ex today?


Well what are your own thoughts of the day?


Mine, well now just thinking about shall I do a 3km run at the gym followed by Aqua aerobics or just one of them. Also looking forward to my tea with a nice bottle of wine, yes probably the whole bottle.


Thats whats on my mind right now.

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1) Wondering my my ex left (which is like every other minute).

2) Trying to get through the work day.

3) Going to the gym after work.

4) How to get through this holiday weekend.


Exact same things for me! My ex gets back from vacation this weekend..so it's gonna make things even worst.


I am constantly thinking about her during the day and can't sleep at night


I have to pick up more booze since I downed a bottle of wine last night!!!!

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1 - Unfortunately, still thinking about the ex. How could she end a relationship of two years for a guy who she has spent couple hours with? Was I just garbage?

2 - Am I justified in being angry?

3 - The new Irish girl I met. I think liked her. Is this rebound in disguise?

4 - My San Francisco trip this weekend.

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1) Had a manicure yesterday, Cheered me up at least. Can't stop looking at them


2) Thinking about my ex - again


3) Missing him


4) Thinking that I have 7 days left till I am soaking up the sun on that Mediterranean Beach


5) What shall I wear the day I leave, especially what new Shoes should I wear?! Lol


6) Want my ex back


7) Why did he want his space?


8. Why couldn't he talk to me and honestly speak to me?


9) Was it my fault I got Pi$$ed off b'cos I wanted more commitment from him, and to take 'us' more seriously, and needing to know for sure where the relationship was going, even when I did feel he was distant and quieter suddenly, not calling as much, and then having to tell me on msn that I could not visit him that weekend as pre arranged b'cos he could not get out of a family thing that suddenly popped up.


10) Wonder what he is doing. Does he ever think about me?


11) Where did all those feelings go?


12) Why do I feel so guilty for being angry and telling him what I thought back then when he got a reaction from me


13) too many why's


14) I need to start exercising again - After my holiday!


15) Devestated he didn't take me seriously, and didn't take the relationship serious.


16) Need to tidy my room


17) Need to take those 2 Big bin bag full of clothes to the charity shop tomoro


18. Miss my ex.


19) Fell in love for the first time


20) Anyways.. I love my nails

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My thoughts for today/tonight:


Thinking about my winter plans and making them work financially


The autumn colors of the Yukon


The bears I saw today


A little about her and her town and how much I dislike both of them


Tomorrows work and trips


When I am going to head off for my three month ski adventure


How am I going to meet someone new due to my plans and geography


And just lying in bed listening to jazz and feeling the muscles ache from work today



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Just wondering a little about the future and will I meet someone who is honest, kind & will love me, I hate the fact I stayed with my ex regradless of his lies and he dumps me for falling ill that grates on me alot. When the going got tough I stayed when the going got tough for him he got going.


Wishing also that someone would change my luck at work and push a few nice sized deals my way for all the work I have done over the last few months even through being ill.


I want my luck to change.

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Your time will come hun.... Not all men are a-holes honest!!!


Ahhhh the going gets tough the tough get going.. great song that send it yer ex in the snail mail... LMAO...


When the going gets tough

The tough get going, tough, tough, huh, huh, huh

When the going gets tough, the tough get ready


Yeah, ooooh, du da do da


I got something to tell you

I got something to say

I'm gonna put this dream in motion

Never let nothing stand in my way

When the going gets touch

The tough get going


I'm gonna get myself 'cross the river

That's the price I'm willing to pay

I'm gonna make you stand and deliver

And give me love in the old-fashion way




Darlin', I'll climb any mountain

Darlin', I'll do anything


Ooh, can I touch you (can I touch you)

And do the things that lovers do

Ooh, wanna hold you (wanna hold you)

I gotta get it through to you, oooh


When the going gets tough

The tough get going

When the going gets rough

The tough get rough

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Ooooh baby


I'm gonna buy me a one-way ticket

Nothin's gonna hold me back

Your love's like a slow train coming (slow train coming)

And I feel it coming down the track (woh)


Darlin', I'll climb any mountain

Darlin', I'll do anything

Ooh (ooh) can I touch you (can I touch you)

And do the things that lovers do

Ooh, (ooh) wanna hold you (wanna hold you)

I gotta get it through to you (ooh)

'Cos when the going gets tough

The tough get going

When the going gets rough

The tough get rough


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Wooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Darlin', I'll climb any mountain

Darlin', I'll swim any sea

Darlin', I'll reach for the heaven

Darlin', with you lovin' me

Oooh (oooh)


Oooh, can I touch you (can I touch you)

And do the things that lovers do (can I touch you)

Oooh, wanna hold you (wanna hold you)

I gotta get it through to you


When the going gets tough

Going gets tough

Going gets rough

Going gets rough...

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Oh and my thoughts for the day....


What should I wear tomorrow at work as dress down day and off out on the amber nectar well for a fewski tomorrow night...


Does me bum look big in these trousers...


Why did I swap my Nokia for a Blackberry with a colleague at work it is doing me nut in... Kinda growing on me a bit though...


Will my proposal for improvement initiatives for the Head of Customer Services at work be ok for tomorrows meeting or will she bite me head off..


Shall I do a bit more on me abs at the gym in a bit...


What shall I have for dinner...


Women..where can I get me a nice one from....


That's me little brain's thoughts for today....


Andius Pandius

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Wondering if the ex and I will ever be back in contact, or even friends..


Wondering if he feels angry towards me or actually does miss me in his life..


Cringing as I realize that exactly one year after he signed a rental lease with me... he has just signed one with her...


Smiling a little when I realize how foolish he is for that....


Smiling about how wonderfully patient and understanding the new man in my life is...


Thinking about how handsome the new man looks in a suit for that wedding we are going to this weekend...


... Ready for limbo to be over.

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What am I ever going to do with this ridiculous mug that I won at bingo yesterday? I love bingo and it was free and had all of these great prizes and winning is great... but this mug is crazy and it's HUGE.


Why oh why was I so depressed this morning? I woke up and I was upset and just blah and things are better now. Just kind of a down day, but I've been reading on here and getting pick-me-ups so things seem to be alright.


I really hope that Pam lets me borrow her book so that I do not have to pay almost $100 for one that I will hardly ever read.


I hope my ex is unhappy with the Indianapolis Colts because they are 1-2. My Dallas Cowboys however are 2-1 AND they beat them at the beginning of the pre-season. Word.


And just generally what I've been thinking - Survive, make time for everything I need to, maybe watch a movie tonight with a friend, thinking about him but not too often, just being me.

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What shall I wear out tonight for my night with my mate out on the tiles in London....jeans and bustier top, or just glitzy top....mmm need to have trying on session before the end of the day.


I really should get out and go visit a customer who won't return my calls - grrrgghhh


Hoping all those with problems on here feel better soon and go on to bigger, better and brighter things.


Oh also think we better all start living life to the full link removed cause an asteroid is due to hit the planet in 2036, no BS!!


Also remembering how sad it is that Diana died 10yrs ago today, I really liked her such a waste, very sad.

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if i should have a quiet night in tonight getting jobs done or go out on the town with the never ending risk of seeing my ex.


i should stop spending so much money and start paying off my debt


that i dont think of him all the time anymore which is wicked but i still miss him and love him


does he think of me at all


should i go on this date.. i think the guy is a bit too hyper for me!

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My thoughts today?


That I am d___ lucky to have gotten out. If you put a frog in boiling water it will try jump out, if you put it in cold water and bring it to a boil it won't, duhhh, guess I was a frog.


Today, tomorrow are mine, yesterday was only partly his, I'm free!!!

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Morning bubbly .... better watch that stuff, feels good while you're doing it, but will give you mood swings, body doesn't adjust to drop in seritonin afterward, everything in moderation!


I am going to grab an industrial / commerial grass trimmer this morning cut down the 6 ft weeds and grass. Shoulda done it before but I got lazy and it was really hot.


I am done moping around, I'm going to get all the stuff done I want't to this weekend. He doesn't get anymore of my thought time, I've had it, I've kept giving and thinking and all that stuff while he was gone.


And tomorrow or Monday when all my chores are done, I am going to spend some indulgent ME time.

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My thoughts..


Joining Bubs and others with after night out sickness!!! My head is still fuzzy even now..!! LOL


Deciding to text my ex (see other post) about a party she may wish to come along too


Will I be up for a mountain bike ride tomorrow with a mate or should I cancel as still feeling rough at mo..!

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"You remember what your words where when I texted you the day I came out of A & E, your text back - you didn't even call me were "what was I supposed to sit in and wait to hear from you" How mean can someone be to someone who'd clearly been in hospital. You were not in the least bit worried or anxious about my health, speaks reams I suppose".


Also that I forgot totally until today that Sat just gone was your brothers wedding we were meant to go to, so proves I don't think about what your doing on the weekends or evenings anymore.


Will my date for tonight get in contact, kinda hoping not cause I wanna go down the gym so thinking if he doesn't soon, but does later I'll blow him off anyway.


How can I get my abs in bikini shape before my holiday in Oct, mmmmm!!

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