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He has trouble being honest with me

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My boyfriend lies to me saying people don't come over here for dinner or visiting. He has trouble being honest with me! I wish he would just quit it. There must have been a thousand times when I told him how I felt about it. It makes me feel stupid! He likes to lie about a lot of things. There is this one girl who knew that our apartment had another upstairs...how would she know that? Am I stupid? Do I have to confront him about this? Has she came into this apartment those days I was out of town??? What is going on in this relationship? I feel like I am going to break down and cry about it!!!!

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I've been there, actually I'm there now. I wish I could tell you that liars aren't worth it and you need to leave him, but I cant. I know my boyfriend now is lying, and he continues lying, and yet I dont leave him. In all honesty I should though, and so should you. I mean, you have your proof. I know theres this little part of you that is making excuses for him, that says hes lying to you for a good reason, or hes unaware that he is lying. but we have to be honest with ourselves. Who comes first, him or you? You have your proof. Don't wait until the lies become so big or hurtful that you are damaged. No man is worth that. Now i have to try and follow my own advice!

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