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Should I call her?


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Okay, need some advice here -


I saw this girl over the weekend that we actually when on a couple of dates a couple of years ago but never really went anywhere because of our schedules, etc. but have run into each other several times and are always flirtatous - there is a spark there -


Here is the situation - I saw her over the weekend and she said that we need to go out sometime - I said, how about this Wednesday, and we both agreed - i emailed her on Monday to confirm and tell her I would call her to set up a time - she said that was fine - i called her that night and left a message to call me to set up a time and where to go, etc. and i have not heard back from her, and it is wednesday today -


Should i call her or email her today or wait to hear from her? i feel like I left the last message, so she should get back with me - any advice? am I just being stupid and should contact her? Thank you very much!!!!!

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