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Really confused


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Right, i can see millions of threads of near enough the same issue, but i need some advice personally.


Apologise in advance for the long post, i need to vent my frustration somehow.


I'm a 17 year old guy. The other night, my friend invited me, his girlfriend and one of his GF's friends around to his house. Not for anything specific, just for a few beers and a film or two. I'd previously seen this girl before.. on two occasions. Once in a bar, and the other at his house 2 days before. She looked amazing. The first time i saw her, i told my mate, and it got back to me that she didn't like the way i looked at all(I wasn't looking my best at the time).


Anyway, when i saw her on the 24th (friday) nothing at all happened. She wasn't there for too long and we didn't talk much. The day after i got a text off my mate saying "Are you coming mine monday? She's gona be there. She said you looked dead nice the other night. Oh and you're sleeping in the same bed as her, she doesn't mind" I read through the text again, and wondered how the "Sleeping in the same bed" came about. I rang him up and he told me that his girlfriend asked her, because she hadn't stayed around my mates house for a while, and they wanted to sleep in the same bed (His house has 2 doubles).


So, fast forward a bit to the monday. They came around, started off as a dead nice atmosphere. We watched films, had a laugh, listened to music and nothing happened. Then, a bit later my mate went upstairs and his girlfriend followed him. I was a bit tipsy, so i lay back on the sofa. She looked at me, and cuddled up to me. I didn't bother questioning why, i just let her. A few minutes later, we were just chatting, and she started kissing me. I did the same and we started to get really close. This went on for about 10 minutes, until my mate threw up. After he did, his girlfriend came downstairs and asked us if we minded going upstairs as she needed to take care of him and his alcohol downstairs.


We then went upstairs, where we again started to kiss, lying down. This is where it got very close, although nothing sexual happened(She was on her period) it was very passionate. After watching music and lyrics which she commented on the last song being dead romantic, and kissing me all the way through it. We got in the bed. From here it was just the same, kissing and cuddling while asleep all night. Now, this is where the confusing bit starts to kick in. I really started to like her at this point, it felt special.. so i asked her if she was just going to forget about it all tomorrow, and regret it. She said "Of course i wont". I believed her, and carried on. The following morning, we were near enough the same, but less intense. (She barely had anything to drink the night before, so i started getting slightly confused) I didn't bother mentioning it for the rest of the day, and left her with a simple "Bye".


When i got home, i text her asking her how she felt about it all, and she said "I duno really, i don't know if i want to forget about it, or take it further"

I text her back saying" I feel bad now, because i feel like you regret it" She text back saying "I don't regret it at all, there is just other things going on now. At this point, i was ****ing angry. Something just sent a spark though my body. I have no idea why i got/still am so angry about it. I thought it was weird me saying i really like someone after knowing them for one night, but i really did/do.


Then today, i had a phone call off my friend telling me that she went a party, and kissed another guy last night, that she likes and he likes her. So, i got pretty angry again(I know i have no right to) and text her, asking her how she feels. I got a text back saying "I think you are a really nice guy, but i don't know you enough to promise anything. I'll see you when i next see you"

I decided not to carry on and asked her for her msn. She gave it to me, and i asked her if she wanted to go sometime next week, to get to know each other a bit better. She replied with "Hmm i'll see"


basically, i'm wondering if you think it's a lost cause? I really like her, and the other night was special to me, even if it wasn't to her. My head at the minute can't seem to think of anything else.

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Aww the cheek of that girl, seems as though she's playing mind games - not good. But then again why would somebody blatantly say to your face that they wouldn't forget about it in the morning but then decided to act all distant? Weird.


I think if she wants to carry on acting the way that she does (not caring or even thinking about anybody else's feelings) then leave it as it is, wasn't entirely right and the way she went about it though, that i disagree with

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Mind games of the young my friend.


Stay away from this girl, she's not worth your time, your attention, or your thoughts...she's just yanking you around and that's just not cool, admirable, or something you should want to associate with.


Next time you see her, ask her about her 'hot friend,' that should keep her from messing with you.

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