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Question for women who's partner cheated with escorts.....


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Was your significant other the type who had a very good income? I tend to find most successful white-collar males cheat with escorts. In fact many businessmen love going to different cities to sleep with other women.


Basically more wealthy a man is, more likely he will sleep with escorts. They can afford to.

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I had a very wealthy friend who continuously used escorts and cheated on his wife with them for a number of years. He did travel alot and I know did meet with women in his travels. He also used chat sites to meet and entice women to meet him.


In the end he wound up having a sexual addiction and a drug addiction and was treated for that.


I would say in his case the drugs led to the sex addiction getting out of control. He wasn't happy at home, numbed with the drugs and eventually numbed with escorts and random women off the internet. But in all honesty if my guy cheated I would prefer he call an escort, for them its work and there is usually not emotions involved, than go out and meet with a girl at a bar or something. And maybe thats why the men use escorts, less chance for emotional attachment, and the wife doesn't take half.

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