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drug abuse, help please

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hey.. ive been looking on the internet for a while now on how to get rid of drug addictions and i remembered about this site, that i havent visited in a while. My boyfriend is addicted to Ketamine. He has passed the first stage, denial. He admitted to me, and to himself that he has a problem and wants help. But he cant seem to go and get it. He is leaving for 7 months on a sailboat, and there will be no possible access to drugs there, so i know his physical dependence will be gone when he returns, but he needs to change his patterns, his way of thinking.. and his friends to make sure he doesnt get back into it when he returns. I guess i just need help in how to get him to grow, to take that push and GET the help without going being his back and telling his parents how bad the problem has gotten.

i have posted this in other forums too, hoping to get some insightful advice.. hopefully from proffesionals, or people who have had similar experiences.

thanks, all is appreciated


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Well you can't force him to get the help he needs. You can offer suggestions and give him opportunities but he'll need to be the one to take the opportunity.


There are several treatment centers in your area. The one I'll give you to start is Narconon. They are an organization of many treatment centers and they can match your boyfriend with the appropriate treatment center for his specific addiction.


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I think a professional program will be able to guide him not only through overcoming the addiction but also how to stay clean and sober in the future.

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Hey Mel,


Narc-Anon holds group meetings that are supposedly very helpful. Even if he's leaving in 4 weeks I think there would be merit in going to them. I'm not sure if your boyfriend would agree to go but encourage him to do so. Don't feel bad if he refuses your help. Ultimately this is his problem that he has to solve. If you feel that it's too much for you, then let him know and move on. Sometimes it takes people to hit rock bottom before realizing that they need help.

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