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Can't Handle It

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I have been dating this girl for 1 year 9 months. We have had ups and downs. She seems to have an emontional disorder (nothing a doctor has ever said) but its cleary there. Lalty I cant handel it, I am always calm and understading with her. But after wards I am like "ERRR". Last we I "broke up" with her. It was a mess, she called at 5 am crying that she needed me back. The next day she called me and acting 100% happy and normal, just talking about stuff as "friends". This lasted a few days. Then I took her back on the understanding that we she had to remain calm at all times and let me live my life as I wanted and I would let her. She could'nt flip out of small things. She told me that was fair. Its been like 3 days and she is been 95% true to what she said. But I am not happy. I think those days as friends where better. What can I tell her. My friends (and her's) call me and tell me it should have stayed like that, it was for the better. Do to her emoional problems I can't just tell, "its over". Talking it out doesn't help either. What do I do? Thanks.

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You need to tell her that you just want to be friends. It's as simple as that.

There really is no other way around it.


Sometimes when you get out of a relationship and can remain friends, you see that you are better off not together. There is nothing wrong with that. You need to let her know that. Tell her that you two were better as 'friends.'


You cannot stay in a relationship for the sake of her emotional problems.


Tell her.

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I agree. There isn't much else you can do to get yourself out of it.

When you break up with someone, as you have probably read on these forums, their reaction is to call back crying, begging, etc. If you try and comfort her or take her back when she does this, you are giving in and taken away her unhappiness and turning it into yours. She just needs to understand it's over. And give her the honest reasons as well (if you can). This will help her move on I think.

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