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i feel so down. i have just recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years and i simply can't handle it. i cry and freak out every time i think of him.i read other posts about how people cry themselves to sleep at night and i can truley relate. breaking up with somebody that means the world to you is a pain like no other. i love him so much that i will do anything to get his attention. we do really love each other but somewhere down the line we clash and we have got to a stage where we just take it in turns of emotionally hurting each other.my biggest problem right now is i can not go a day without talking to him, every waking moment is spent hoping he will call but he doesnt.I can't sleep or eat and i never feel like leaving the house because i know i am going to go to a pay phone and call him. This relationship was my life and i am lost without him. i am angry (because he has full control over the pain i am going through) sad (coz i have lost him) and confused (i know i want him back but i can't go through this again). i feel like the pain is killing me. i whish i could control myself because i am in my last year of university and my whole degree is riding on this year.please help, i just need someone to talk to.

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I know how you are feelings. I bet 90% of this world's population knows how you are feeling. It does hurt, and it's pain that is undescribable. BUT, you know it won't kill you, even though it feels like it, and you know you are gonna get through this. It truly is up to you...to close the wounds. It is a state of mind...and you know, it will hurt for a long while. I won't lie. Surround yourself with friends and don't forget to find yourself again through all of this pain, because somewhere through it all, you got lost. Your identity seemed to live only with him, and that's just wrong. People compliment other people, they don't hold them up. Stay strong. and trust me... one day, the pain will start easing, and then one day, it won't be there anymore. Have faith that god has a plan for everyone... things happen for reasons. Just ride the wave of life, and open your eyes to the bigger picture. I guarantee that you will find love and happiness again, but please, before you do, find yourself again. Take care.

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hi water-baby,


first off, let me tell you that you are not alone in this world, thousands are going through what you are everyday honey, so you are not alone in your feelings.


the same thing happened to me 7 weeks ago, i was devestated. the very best thing i found to get me through it was this site and u have taken a big step already by talking to us here


if you have someone close that you can talk to with out blabbing it about then get everything out, anger, sadness, frustration, pain let it all flow from you.


he was your world in your eyes, yes he was but you are your world and always will be.


keep busy, excersise is my new thing i lost over half a stone in 6 weeks.


get with your friends and get out of the house, just do things that will take your mind off things. do something that you have to concentrate on like horse riding or team sports.


the days are painfull i know but each day u will get stronger and the pain lessens


keep you head up, you are you and are a special person on god great earth. we all are.


stay in touch and be well



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hi water-baby,

i IT DOES get better, i promise...it takes time though...and i understand that this year is very important to you..you already lost your love, a very important part of your life, but your degree is pretty important too,no? you can't control your ex, but you can control getting your degree.

i'm not saying you have to avoid thinking about him, kuz i know that's impossible...but you have to learn to lock all your feelings away when you wanna study...

don't push your friends and family away, being around them does help..

it's ok to cry...it's ok to scream..believe me it helps a little..

if you're meant to be, you'll be. but for now you have to let him go..the relationship ended for a reason. you may not know what it is now, but you will later on...

i know you keep thinking that one day he'll come back..you have to stop doing that, kuz he may never come back... there's someone better for you out there..someone who deserves your love..

you have to eat...not eating causes depression...go out with friends (and no, not to places you think he might go to) focus on school, you need that degree, but you don't need someone who doesn't appretiate the great person you r, and the love you have to offer.

and once again, you have to believe that it's over, and that it will get better..it's not the end of the world..you disagree? look out the window, what do you see? everything is fine, the word is still going, so must u.

this site helped me a lot, so keep posting, there a lot of people who can help you.

i hope this helps...pm me if u need to talk

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I just tried talking with my ex (4yrs together) a few hours ago actually and she was pretty much saying "we don't have a future together anymore" . (That hurt a lot) We tired and tired to work things out but...and today I guess it was finally over. I know I have to move in life now and so do you. You will heal but it takes time...I will be back later hang in there (I'm hurting too...I miss her)

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Hi there,


I know exactly what you are going through. I just broke up with my bf of 2 years today. It hurts like hell. He told me that I was not his kind of woman--- after 2 years of a realtionship! I just want to scream and am hoping that we get back together.. really sad. I have exams next week and I cannot even concetrate on my studies. He took all his things from house and gave me back my house and car keys that he had. That made it look so final to me. I put on a brave face, but the moment he left, I cried myself silly. I am still in tears as I write this email. But in a way, I am glad to know that there are other people sailing in the same boat as I am (as ironic as it may sound ) I guess we have to take one step at a time

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