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Thrown a curveball!: Class with the Ex

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Welp, as many of you know the fall semester is starting back up again. Sure and sure enough, the ex who I've spent the past 3 months trying to get over is now in the same class as me. NC just got a huge smack in the face. I am taking a psychopharm class, and she was well aware before we broke up that I would be attending that class. Now, I know she is a psych major but a part of me feels she took this class as a way to manipulate me back into her life (notice how I didn't say back into a relationship). Or to keep tabs on me. I mean c'mon, she knew the relationship was in shambles, she dumped me, and now she purposefully signs up for the same class as me? This girl is nutty. When she walked in I could tell she was distressed, the syallabi were right next to my seat and she saw them and walked right past without grabbing one. The instructor had to hand it to her. She sat as far as she could accross the room, we didn't speak a single word, and she immediately whipped out her cell phone after class. I can only imagine the, "holy crap what do i do conversation" she engaged in afterwards. Any advice or tips for how to deal with this? I feel like if I dropped the class, I'd be letting her win. This class is probably the #1 thing in the world I'm interested in.

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I work with my ex and have to see her from time to time...grin and bear it is about right...I sometimes have made a game of it...entering a room where I know where she is, not establishing eye contact, keeping exchanges brief and business like. It's a tough spot but you will actually find it takes some of the "magic" away from your ex and grounds you in the present reality of things.

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Wow...... that's a tough situation...... dang!! U didn't see that one coming, did ya?


Man........ I donno..... if you think you don't wanna make her feel like she won, then you gotta stick with it. It's just too bad that she's taking away the full joy that you can have in learning (since this is your favorite class) by distressing you with her presense.



I think she may very well try to crawl back into your life, once the class gets going. She may wanna study with you or have "innocent" questions about the class work.


It's a dang shame that you can't enjoy the class without her meddling.


Hey, but life isn't perfect like that. When you get out into the real world, you'll have curveballs thrown at you out of no where. So think of this as a training ground for it. If you can handle this small situation, I'm sure you can handle even bigger ones in the future.

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