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Does love "change" or "morph"? The mysteries of love: Your opinion.......


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Does love ever really go away completely? Or does it just take diferent forms? This is a very thought provoking question. Your opinion? Certain scenarios could be, for instance, an ex and you becoming "just friends" Is there always still traces of feelings of unspoken romantic love there (not just lust), even though both try to turn it into just friend love? Another scenario: friendship love sustaining and continuing after one friend does something to anger or upset other...Is the love still there? There are many other scenarios. Too many too list, in fact......But what is your opinion on the unconditionality or sustainability and morphing of different kinds of love? Whether it be friendship love, romantic love, or platonic love. Does it ever really lessen or increase or disappear or deepen or morph according to circumstances? Anyway, it would be interesting to get your thoughts on the complexity of love in general. So what do you think peoples?

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I think the love goes away once the relationship has ended and takes on a diffrent form. But it also depends why it ended. And also it depends on if both parties have moved on from the relationship in my opinion.


I have an ex, and I broke up with him. We are now really good friends. But that's b/c he didn't take the break-up THAT hard, and we now have: caring, trust and friendship instead of love.


Then there is another guy I dated, who was a complete jerk and player. He lied about alot of things, and thought I would never find out. I didn't love him but I definatly had alot of feelings for him. Now they aren't there anymore. Ok maybe this doesn't really relate to your question since it was about love, but I guess if someone you loved did that, the feelings would eventually go away.


But basically, I think if you love someone, and are somewhat of an emotional/romantic person who has a bit of a hard time letting go (lol, like me, cause if I share a bond/deep feelings with a guy, I usually don't forget them so easy) you will probably have a bit of a caring feeling for them later still. As long as it ended ok.

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