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Care package for Girlfriend


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So my girlfriend left for college about a week ago, and I'm going to send her a package with some nice things in it. I was thinking a movie that she likes, a nice note, maybe a little food she really likes, and idk what else. does anyone have any ideas for what to give her that's simple but would make her feel really good? really just any ideas...i would love to hear them.

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Yeah sounds as though you have some good ideas already, the only hing you've missed out is perhaps maybe a cd you have made for her, that way she can listen to it and be reminded of you. Put some songs on that remind you of one another, thats well cute


Great idea!!

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that is so sweet, ole.


i'd include non perishable foods, but are you even allowed to send those through mail? maybe some packages of coffee, tea, and cereal. include some magazines, a movie or two, some cuddley socks. what about a big comfy college sweater, or any sweater really. some hair clips or hair-ties, since us girls tend to lose them all the time. a package of pens and a couple notebooks would be nice too, since i'm sure she'll need them. oh, and a nice card =]

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yeah, my college dorm didn't have one...


my ex sent me a care package... he put a bunch of random food (Which i think he just grabbed from his cabinet that he knew he wouldnt eat..heh), CDs, a CD of all of our photos together...2 dvds...this weird stuffed animal creature thing he had laying around...


it was all the most random stuff, but itbrightened my day!

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