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Job vs New Girlfriend.....


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Um, i started going out with this girl about 3 weeks ago. I really like her, i'll be honesty im not totally in love with her but i can see a future between us. her and i get along like 2 peas in a pod, i mean we share soooo many interests and shes extremely intelligent and very talented in many areas of art and whatnot.


here is my problem... i got a job offer in Hawaii... ill be making about 35$ an hour vs my current job of 28$... i dont know what to do... my girlfriend cant come with me to Hawaii.. so its either the girl.. or the job in a excellent location...

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I am not willing to relocate for my job because I would be too sad and would feel alone in a new place and would miss my SO and my family. But if you think that your career is that important, you should go. You haven't been dating her that long, but some times compatibility is hard to come by. You know in your heart if you think she is unique and special to you or if she isn't.

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That's a tough one. I personally would NOT pass up the job with the higher pay and HAWAII for goodness sake! But......my boyfriend and I dated long distance (4 hrs apart) for 4 wks and he picked up and moved 30 mins from me. (His family lives here too, but he had not planned on moving here before me met me).


So I don't really know. Good Luck what ever you choose to do! Maybe you guys could do the long distance thing for a little while? So you can feel out the job and the relationship??

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i don't know. maybe i'm just a cynical and pessimistic person, but you were only with her for three weeks. is that really a long enough time to base a decision on? if the ONLY thing keeping you here is a girl you were with for less than a month, than i'd take the job, no offense. there are other girls.

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The cost of living in Hawai'i is very high.

$35/hour may not be that much money there.

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I was just about to mention that same thing! If you are currently living somewhere where the cost of living is low, a job in Hawaii making $7 more an hour could actually mean less money at the end of the day.


It's tough- you like her a lot, but then again, 3 weeks is a very short amount of time.


Time to make a good old-fashioned Pros & Cons list!

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