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Advice please!


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I am a junior in college and I am very shy when in comes to guys my age. There is one guy who I had a class with and we have mutual friends. Im pretty sure I have not officially met him but I might of been introduced to him at a party. On another thread someone suggested I ask him out, as much as I would like to do that I am not sure if it is appropriate. What do you all think?


I don't think I feel comfortable asking him out because I have briefly met him and I doubt he knows who I am. We are not facebook friends, and I had a class but it was just a lecture, so I never talked to him in the class.


I most likely at some point in future will have a chance to go to one of his fraternity parties, my sorority does mixers with most the frats, but I don't always go and it is painful for me to approach someone especially a guy I think is cute.


Thanks for replying! Anymore suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I think asking him out is too much considering you don't know him yet, what you could do is ask one of your mutual friends for a bit of help, to start a conversation then ask if he has Facebook or something similar and see what happens.


Normally a phone number or other way to talk outside the computer are the goal, in your case, because you said you are shy it might be a good idea to look for a less "aggressive" way to break the ice.


In any case just keep trying to go to those fraternity parties, out of nowhere you could end up talking to him or another nice guy, the point is to put yourself out there.

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Well I'd try to take advantage of when you have fraternity / sorority things together, cuz at least then you'll be in the same place and sorta have something in common.


Call me old fashion or whatever, but I always kinda wait for the guy to make a move (maybe that is why I suck so much with boys), but I at least to make it look like I have an interest.


Like the others say don't ask him out yet, but def. try to flirt with him either at parties, class, or facebook. I mean, at least you do have something in common there.

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