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What is up with this guy??


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For those of you who remember the man that lied to me about his age....him telling me that he was 30 when he was really 40 with three kids......well, as I told you, I DID break it off with him, but since the last time I posted about this he has been calling and calling and calling and CALLING!! He left me a few messages, which I chose to ignore and delete off my cell phone.


A few days ago, I placed my phone on vibrate and I don't remember why I did, I just did. To my discovery upon wakening the next day, I found out that this man had called at 5 in the morning!!!! 5 o'clock IN THE MORNING! What the heck is wrong with him??? What could he POSSIBLY want tell me at that hour? Why would he even be awake? He left a message, but again, I chose to ignore and delete it without listening because there is nothing left to discuss with him and I wanted to make that clear that I'm done with him. I left him a long message letting him know that I want nothing else to to with him and that it's time for him to move on with his life. He never called back


My question is: Was this obessive behavior to the point where it could have escalated and became dangerous for me?? Will he try and call back after a while? I just get the feeling that this isn't "over".

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He is being obsessive and pathetic. He obviously can't handle the breakup. At his age, you would think he would know better and be able to deal with a breakup . But, many men and women can't handle breakups well, regardless of age.


Hopefully he will not call after your last message. I don't think there is any danger at this moment, but be on your watch. The behaviour is obsessive. If he contacts you again, warn him in the strongest terms, including a threat of contacting the authorities.

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