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bf wants to be an escort :(


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Hey all, first time post hope i am putting this in the right place..


story is my bf and i have been together a year and a bit, been living together nrly 4 months, everything is brilliant, but he recently finished his job for a company (just because they didn't have any further work for him) and now needs money and has decided one of the easiest ways of getting a lot of money very easily is to be a non-sexual escort. To put this in perspective i do modelling part time, and he sees it as not half as bad as me doing a lingerie shoot for example so doesn't understand why it makes me sick to my stomach every time he mentions it. He has offered me every reassurance under the sun, i know he loves me and i trust him 110% it is purely the thought of him out every night wining and dining other women, telling them how pretty they are, pretending to be their bf etc that is tearing me up inside. I don't want to be a hypocrite so I have said that he can try it but that if i can't hack it for him to stop which he has agreed to, I just don't know if he is just hoping i will change my mind. This is on my mind 24/7 atm and he hasn't even done it yet any advice? is it normal for a bf to think that being an escort and not single is normal?? thanks

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No way can this be compared with modelling! Modelling is impersonal, he would be going on intimate dates with various different women. And then how would you feel if he started getting a few women asking particularly for him on a regular basis. If my BF were to do this, he would not be my BF anymore. Hope you can sort it out with him.

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Honestly, I don't see how being a model is in any way similar to an escort. Not when you have some clothes on and it doesn't get personal.


I don't think that his doing this would be right, not if you feel the way you do about it. And seriously, I don't blame you.


There are plenty of ways to make money. Maybe he needs to go work at McDonald's until he can find something better? I would think that would be better than putting your relationship at risk.


You need to be honest with him and tell him that you would not be comfortable with it.

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My soul opinion is that if he doesn't quit, your relationship will be torn apart by this. If he loves you like he says he does, he has a very good reason to find a new job. If he does this then it's clearly not only about the money. I say make him choose between you and the job.

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Modeling does not include courting other men or going on dates- it's two totally different things. Personally, if my fiance ever even considered this I would question his commitment to me and desire to be faithful.


Being an escort is not something a committed person does, and I would not be OK with it.


If I were you I'd tell him that you thought about it and you are not OK with it. Show him this thread if you need to.

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