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How do I stop thinking about him??


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I have a friend who I think I am falling for…..

I see him every now and then. When we were younger he liked one of my girl friends but she didn’t like him back.

Last year I started to have feelings for him and we became really flirty. I was seeing someone at the time so didn’t tell anyone about it, but we ended up kissing one night.

My friend then decided that she liked him and was going to kiss him when we all went out….he turned her down (because of me) and she was pretty upset about it..


Me and this guy both felt pretty guilty as she became quite upset. It was frustrating as she only seemed to become interested in him when he stopped giving her attention. But she is one of my best friends and it became too difficult for me to tell her what happened between us as I knew she would be upset knowing I was the reason that he turned her down.


He went away for a while and I still thought of him a lot. My friend seemed to stop thinking about him and I met up with this guy a few times when he came back. We were both holding back as we don’t want to hurt my friend. She started dating someone recently and I was really pleased as I thought it may give me and this other guy a chance….then on the weekend she told me that she had a dream about him guy and thinks she has feeling for him again….


I’m not even sure that he likes me that much – he may just be enjoying having his ego massaged with two girls after him. I know I need to put him out my mind and forget about him – especially now my friend has feelings for him.


I just can’t seem to stop thinking about him! How do I put him out of my mind?


I am feeling quite lonely at the moment and feeling like I am never going to meet someone, but I just want to get him out of my head.

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If he likes you and not your friend, then Im sorry shes just going to have to get over it. You can't lead your life thinking about other people all the time. If she knows you two are together then maybe she'll move on and find someone new.



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its hard cos you dun wanna hurt her and want to keep the friendship. did she know that you liked him during the time that she didnt like him? if so maybe you should hint to her somethin along the lines of liking him again and how its hard cos she likes him too ra ra ra...its going to get out at some point so wouldnt it be better for you to be honest with your friend and tell her how you feel then to let it slip out one day and ur friend would get cut u didnt say nethin? its a tough one but your also gonna have to ask the guy how he really feels too...

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you are going to loose your friend if you don't stop with this guy.


try and think of this: If you start dating him and within a few months it's over, but the damage is still done with your friend and you end up drifting apart (or, she gets pissed at you and you are no longer friends).... will that be worth it over this guy?


The ONLY thing I wished I could have done in highschool & when I was younger, was not to upset my friends, not pick guys over them, and have them do the same.


I suggest you sit down with your friend, explain everything to her, and ask what she thinks you should do. Remember to make sure she knows you don't want to hurt your friendship with her and her opinion is important to you. If she tells you it would make her uncomfortable having you date this guy, then don't date him.

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