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What should I believe?

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Hello Forum,


I posted before about a legal incident that my husband was involved with, if you're not familiar with the situation. Anyway, we finally got the report and I didn't question him at all about it. The problem is that I don't really know what to believe about the differences between what he says happened and what the report says.



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You should not call this person or this witness. You can only hurt the case and cannot help it. While I don't think it is outright illegal to call - what if they claim you threatened them? How would you prove you didn't? They would trace the phone records and find out you did indeed contact them. Then you could also be charged with a crime and/or a civil suit. You have no legitimate reason to contact them.




Whether to believe the report or not - well thats difficult. Its likely that the truth lies somewhere between what she is saying and what your husband is saying. Let things get sorted out in court. Once things are investigated you may find out more information and then you can decide if your husband is telling the truth or not.

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Thank you for your reply. I know you're right, I just wish there was a way to know the truth. I guess I'll never know. A part of me wishes that he would apologize over and over until he's blue in the face, and try to make me believe that there was no ulterior motive, but then again he has apologized the night it happened and the next day, and apologizing is not a forte of his. I guess it is possible that he thinks an ulterior motive on his part never crossed my mind, and that it never crossed his to begin with, since I haven't mentioned it. I guess I've been hurt too much in the past that really makes this difficult for me to handle.


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You said that the womans description of your husbands dancing is accurate, that is his normal demeanor. The club was very crowded. I think that your husband was dancing as he normally was (probably slightly intoxicated) and tried to dance w/ these women, and they shied away, your husband in his... state... doesnt realize that in their mind they are practically running from him. Probably then some drunken falling over and confusion... wahlaa. You know your husband the best but from the police report and whatnot I would say it sounds like your hubby found himself in a bad situation acting a little out of line. I have found police reports to be pretty candid, if your hubby was making serious advances I believe something would have been noted. DO NOT CONTACT THE WOMAN! that will only cause more trouble.

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I understand this must be very difficult for you. However, in a way, you have an advantage in that there are professionals investigating the situation for you. You just have to sit back and wait for the results.


All is probably not as it seems on the surface. My brother was once charged with battery. As it turns out, the battery was actually committed by the other person against him. The police couldn't sort it all out at the scene so they charged them both and let the court decide. It was really tough on him and he was completely innocent.


Hang in there.

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