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Curse of facebook/myspace??


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I am 21 female and I would consider myself to be a pretty shy person when it comes to dating and boys.


I have noticed that I have started to look at different profiles on facebook, and I decide I think someone is real cute and I will develop a crush without even meeting this person! It is so easy to look at a profile and see what their interests are, and if you have things in common. Does anyone else do this? How can I stop!?


I have actually by accident this time found someone who I think would be atleast a good friend, he was in one of my classes last year, so I have actually seen him off facebook and meet him at a party once. So my question is where do I go from here? Wait and see if I will run into him again?


Anyone else use facebook this way?



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I have never used Facebook, but I have meet a lot of friends through Friendster, another (and i think superior in my biased opinion) social networking site.


One of the girls has gone on to be one of my closest friends, who I share ALL my secrets with.......


Why don't you ask to meet up with him ???????

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Facebook is a social network where you can chit chat between friends and make new friends. Facebook has reuinited me with some old friends which I am happy for, even though more or less of my friends are nowhere to be found. If things were different, when I mean different I mean if I didn't have a girlfriend and have had physical feeling for this girl, it would have been the reason for me getting a girlfriend. Ireunited wuth a old friend and she had feeling for me but I have a girlfriend and if i didn't I would see her more as a friend. Basically what happened was she was talking with me and then it came out in the open.

So I say talk with the person. Get to know them and them know you. Develop a talkative relationship and then find out if he is seeing someone and then go from there. If he is not seeing someone ask him out.

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I do enjoy facebook and it has connected me with old friends. I guess where I have a problem is when I look at a profile and then can't talk to a person.


I don't think I feel comfortable asking him out because I have briefly met him and I doubt he knows who I am. We are not facebook friends, and I had a class but it was just a lecture, so I never talked to him in the class.


I most likely at some point in future will have a chance to go to one of his fraternity parties, my sorority does mixers with most the frats, but I don't always go and it is painful for me to approach someone especially a guy I think is cute.


Thanks for replying! Anymore suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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