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New university, New gf?


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I just wondered if anybody on here has had a boyfriend/gf before they went to university and then gone to different universitys and you have stayed together till you both left?

I know its different for everybody but I have been with my boyfriend a year and 3 months, we met in 1st year of college, and we have just left. I am going to stoke on trent and he is going to a new college in crewe (he will be bourding there) which is like a train or bus ride away. I know it doesnt seem far but at the end of the day we are both going to different places and will be meeting new people.

I really want us to get through the 3 years of uni, but im scared that he might meet a new girl! He is a very friendly lad and talks to everyone. Im just worried he will make new mates that will try and break us up.

That has happened before (to cut a long story short) where a new mate of his liked him, i could tell she did but he said she didnt, a few months after everythign got out of hand like he would meet her and her mates rather then me at times, went to her party and slept at her house wen i wasnt invited etc etc and all the time she hated me but he didnt stop meeting her, going to her parties etc and we ended up breakin up coz it got worse and worse!

Anyway im just worried that will happen again and he will leave me for someone else because he wont see much of me wen we go and stuff!

So has anyone else been to uni whilst having a bf/gf before you went? what happened?

Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Being 18 and the chances of couples stayig together for a really long time doesn't happen that often in my opinion. You guys are still experiencing new things, are going to be making new friends and meeting all kinds of people, figuring out who you are, etc. (I'm 21 and I am still sort of in that stage of meeting new people and making friends, and somewhat figuring out who I am and couldn't imagine having experienced/learned all i have while being in a relationship). Things are going to change in this new fase of life, but you guys can handle it I am sure . Change can be scary but you need to try go with the flow.

I do think you guys can make it work since it's only a train or busride away. That isn't too bad at all.

But as for your BF in the past rather spending time with other girls who where envious of you, well that's not a bad sign but I think it shows he is just being social, etc yet he shouldn't put that before your feelings if he is in the relationship with you.


I take it your worried b/c you guys are going to be in diffrent schools for the first time. I wouldn't worry about that. It's upto you guys to make time for each other when you can and involve each other in the others life. I know SOO mane people who go to diffrent uni's. Good luck..

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I'm doing the same thing with my gf. We have both dated different people, but this is the first time we've ever been in love with our SO's so it's serious for both of us.


I seriously doubt anyone here at college could make me feel the way she does, and I'm not really interested in meeting anyone new. I think as long as both people feel that way, it will work.

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